Daily Archives: May 9, 2010

The Last Picture of the 40-Year-Old Me

As tomorrow I embark on the year-long journey of being 41 years old, I thought I would do an exit photograph of me as a 40-year-old, something that would encapsulate the entire year, that shows me who I really am, with all my confidence, warmth, and yes — I’ll say it — raw, uninhibited sexuality; […]

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The (New) New Keyboard

So after about an hour or so, the previous new keyboard I got last week started having problem finding my computer (it was a bluetooth keyboard), and about an hour after that, steadfastly refused to speak to my computer at all — it was a like a first date gone wrong, where the two people […]

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The Wind Done Blowed

And this is what what happened when it did: That’s from the thunderstorm on Friday, which spawned a tornado watch. It passed south of our house but hit Troy, Ohio, which is where this picture was taken and which lost power for most of the city for a while — the picture goes some distance […]

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