Okay, That’s Vaguely Spooky

So, Photoshop CS5 is available for download, and I have heard many things about its new context-sensitive healing tool, and how it basically does an amazing job of excising large objects out of pictures and making it seem like they were never there at all. So I got it and decided to test it. Here’s a picture of Kodi by the dwarf cherry tree a couple of weeks ago, when it was in bloom:

And here’s a single pass of the context-sensitive healing brush tool:

Verdict: Damn, that’s pretty impressive for one pass. I think if you know something’s missing out of the picture, you can see a smudge in the grass, but if you were looking at it without that contextual clue, you might not guess. It’s never been easier to be a Soviet propaganda minister! Don’t worry, I promise to use this power only for good. Or to amuse myself. Either is good.

Oh, Hey, Look, a Deadline

Can’t play today. Have to write words for people who are paying me. I know! It seems so unfair. Oh, for a world where my mortgage just magically paid itself. We’re not there yet. But one day. One day, my friends.

So, out of here for the day. I may pop in later in the evening. Or I might not! You never know with me, do you.