Oh, Hey, Look, a Deadline

Can’t play today. Have to write words for people who are paying me. I know! It seems so unfair. Oh, for a world where my mortgage just magically paid itself. We’re not there yet. But one day. One day, my friends.

So, out of here for the day. I may pop in later in the evening. Or I might not! You never know with me, do you.

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  1. “This is the manner of noble souls: they do not want to have anything for nothing, least of all, life. Whoever is of the mob wants to live for nothing; we others, however, to whom life gave itself, we always think about what we might best give in return.”
    Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, 3rd part, On the Spirit of Gravity, 5

  2. When you figure out that whole magical-paying-itself mortgage, pass on the info, please.

  3. Tick … tock … tick .. tock .. tick . tock . tick tock ticktockticktock …


    Apropos of nothing at all but the fact that some folkses here might be interested, Cory Doctorow’s new book For The Win launches today, and — as is his custom — is also available as a Creative Commons free download.


    It’s a Young Adult novel if that matters, which as a late-forties person who’s read and re-read Little Brother, I can emphatically say that it doesn’t.

    (If you haven’t read any of Doctorow’s work yet, well, what the heck are you waiting for?)

  4. @8: They’re called “trust funds.” Only problem is if you have one you turn into a major dick.

  5. RickRob:

    I have nothing of any use to say about Frank Frazetta, because I’m not knowledgeable about his work other than as a causal observer, in which capacity I like his work just fine but it is not my favorite.

    To be clear I have nothing bad to say about him, but I also don’t feel qualified to speak at length about him and I’m not going to post on him just to post on him.

    I put a link to an obit in the Whateverettes yesterday; that’s probably going to stand as my comment on it.

    (also — finished a chunk of work, taking a quick break to check mail and comments, about to submerge again.)

  6. Bearpaw – I really LOVED his novel “Little Brother”, and I really loved how “Makers” started, but felt it went where I wasn’t interested about halfway through (well, can’t remember the particular fraction of where it went bad for me). I really like the idea in FTW, and it’s currently sitting in my UPS box waiting for me to pick it up. Little Brother, though, is one of the best novels I’ve read in a very long time.

  7. Psst! Hey guys – we can talk about him behind his back, whilst he’s not looking…

  8. I think you’re already living the dream if you stay at home and work. Right now I go to work full time and write part-time. Someday I would like to write full time and make a decent living.

    So to me, you’re already there. Congrats and I love reading about your opinions on things. Keep it up.

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