Florida Book Signing This Friday

Hey Floridians! Want a book signed by me? Then you’re in luck, since I’m going to be doing a signing this Friday, at 6pm, in the Seahorse Room of the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, in sunny Cocoa Beach.

But wait, there’s more! Because I won’t be in the Seahorse Room of the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, in sunny Cocoa Beach all by my lonesome. Far from it! I will be there with other science fiction and fantasy writers and notables, too! Who will also be signing books! For you! Yes, you! No, seriously, man. You.

Which authors, you ask? Oh, just:

Paolo Bacigalupi, Neal Barrett, Jr., Christopher Barzak, Ben Bova, Richard Bowes, Jeffrey A. Carver, Adam-Troy Castro, Kathryn Cramer, A. C. Crispin, Sarah Beth Durst, Marianne Dyson, Eugie Foster, Carolyn Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Joe W. Haldeman, David Hartwell, Peter J. Heck, Kij Johnson, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Ted Kosmatka, Mary Robinette Kowal, Edward M. Lerner, Lee Martindale, Jack McDevitt, Will McIntosh, China Mieville, John Moore, James Morrow, Stanley Schmidt, Bud Sparhawk, Allen Steele, Catherynne Valente, Rick Wilber and Connie Willis.

You know. No one important to all of science fiction and fantasy in the last 30 years, or anything.

If you’re wondering why all of us will be there, it’s because it’s Nebula Awards Weekend, in which SFWA members gather together to commune, conduct business, see Joe Haldeman formally installed as a Grand Master of science fiction(!) and hand out awards. And sign books. For you. You know. If you want.

I’ll be there to see friends, and to learn if I’ve won one or more of the following: a Nebula Award, a Norton Award, the SFWA presidency. I’m running unopposed for that last one, so I feel I may get lucky. But I hear rumors of Felix the Cat running a strong write-in campaign. And he does have that Bag of Tricks. So I’ll hold my breath until I get the official word. Seems prudent.

In any event: Book signing. This Friday. Six pm. Cocoa Beach. Dozens of science fiction and fantasy authors. Seriously, if you’re not there, I have to wonder why you’re in Florida at all.

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  1. Possibly the only time in my life I have wished to be a resident of Florida.

  2. The slate didn’t run unopposed; there was more than one candidate for treasurer, secretary and and South-Central representative.

    That Mary (VP), Sean (Overseas) and I (Pres) ran unopposed is a testament to our general approval, a sign of entrenched apathy, or something somewhere inbetween. But inasmuch as I expect Mary and Sean will be excellent, whatever the reason it’s worked out well for the organization.

  3. I’m glad to see evidence that Joe Haldeman is past the worst of his recent health issues. Say hi to Laura Anne, Cat, Rick and Mary for me if you have a chance.

  4. I completely and totally agree with lane. I live near Baltimore, but if you come anywhere in Maryland, I will be there. You are by far my favorite author and it would be awesome to meet you, even if for a passing moment. Also, it’d be nice to get this stack of books that you wrote autographed, even partially.

  5. Well, one other reason to be in Florida is the Shuttle launch scheduled for 2:20pm the same day. (Which is why I’m going to be in Florida; since I’m going to be in the area anyway, though, I’ll probably come to the signing.)

  6. I didn’t see a Friday-only option on the registration site, do you know if it’s free/open to all, or would it be necessary to register for the full weekend? I’d like to do all three days if I was closer, but the two hour drive each way (and some work I need to get caught up on) would really make just Friday viable.

    Also, do you know what the camera/photography policy is at the venue? I was going to bring my 4×5 camera to take photos of the shuttle launch, would be interesting to bring it to the signing. Wouldn’t need a flash.

  7. Makes me really wish now that I had not moved from Kissimmee – about an hour away.

    To Michigan – about 21 hours away.

  8. Too bad it’s not Thursday night, as we’ll be in a hotel 0.3mi from the Hilton Oceanfront that night. At 6pm Friday we’ll be trekking back to Northern VA (hopefully, after viewing a successful shuttle launch, which as others have mentioned is another reason people (SF geeks especially) may be in Florida).

  9. Chad:

    I wouldn’t be announcing the signing if it wasn’t open to the public.

    Photography: No idea. My thought on it is that as long as you’re not obnoxious about your picture-taking it should be fine, but I’m not the one running Nebula Weekend.

  10. @10Chad:

    Photography is fine at the autographing session as long as it is fine with the subjects of the photographs.

    The Mass Signing is free to all and sundry. Bring your own books for autographing, but Barnes & Noble of Merritt Island will be on hand and happy to sell you books by nearly all the authors in attendance (I’ve been feeding them ISBNs for the past several weeks).

    If you want to attend any of the panels on Saturday or the receptions, etc. throughout the weekend, you can register at the door. The banquet is no longer available for registration but the non-banquet registration would allow you in after dinner to attend the awards ceremony.

    We’ve also added more authors since the list John quoted was published. I know that Mary Turzillo and Lucienne Diver should also be on the list.

  11. And for the Baltimoreans, next year’s Nebula Award weekend will be in Washington, D.C.

  12. So how much of you is “meh, another signing, should be kind of fun” and how much is “Holy Geeky Fanboy Crap! I’m going to be in the same room with !”

  13. It’s not often that I really and truly miss living in Orlando, but … dammit. Here’s hoping for safe travels and a spectacular shuttle launch. (And yes, I do miss THOSE very much.)

  14. Thanks, sounds great. Not 100% sure I’ll be able to make it over (really hope the launch doesn’t get scrubbed), but will definitely try.

  15. My week of studying just got a whole lot less depressing. Even if it’s on a weekend when I’m staying 2 hours away from Cocoa rather than 45 minutes.
    Thank you Nebula awards. Thank you John Scalzi.

  16. Man, I’d be really extra bumbed if I wasn’t going to LepreCon (the spring Phoenix SF convention).

    Still, I’d love to attend the shindig in FL. I mean, I’ve got lots of Joe Haldeman books I need signed.


    In all seriouness, sounds like a good time. Have fun.

  17. Synchronicity! I am going to be in the area myself, as I am flying to Florida tonight to watch the STS 132 launch (last flight for Atlantis) on Friday afternoon. Depending on how things go I might stop in for the shindig, even if I don’t have something I need signed. I completely forgot about the Nebula Awards thing!

    Am I right in thinking that a significant percentage of those names you just dropped will be watching the launch as well? Or are you just there to hobnob?

  18. ‘Cuz my wife lives and works here, and she’d be really bummed and annoyed if I were in another state while she did this.

  19. Sigh. If I were in Florida, I’d be within walking distance of that hotel (my in-laws have a condo on the beach).

    But since I am unlikely to make the 16 hour drive, I wish instead to recommend you eat at Sonny’s Barbeque while you are there. Directions from memory: Head north on the A1A, and it’s on the left (the side away from the ocean), in a strip center. The pulled pork sandwich on garlic toast is very yummy.

  20. Dammit! I’m so out of the loop in Seoul, South Korea. I’d love to head down to FLA for the signing. I miss the days of seeing William Gibson, Spider Robison, et al at book signings in Vancouver, Canada. I’m still pissed off that the principal at my school wouldn’t give me the day off to go have a beer with Charles Stross in Tokyo last month. Er, maybe I should have worded it better.

  21. Aaargh! I’m finding out about this way too late. My best friend lives 2 miles south of there. That could’ve been a kick ass vacation. Then again, the friend would be bored off her ass and rolling her eyes, so maybe not.

  22. Out of curiosity, what is your autograph policy? I know some people will let their fans send them things to be signed so long as they provide return postage and whatnot. Where would you stand on something like that? Your appearance schedule doesn’t seem to bring you near enough for me to make it to one, so I was just curious. Sorry in advance if you have had this asked before and have answered.

  23. Ironically, I’m actually going to be in Florida on Friday, though not Cocoa Beach. Picking up someone from the Jacksonville airport. Then turning around and going right back to Georgia, where we will finish packing up my crap so we can drive it to Indiana. At least then I’d be right next to Ohio and maybe make it to some of the smaller events. :)

  24. John Scott:

    I don’t do that because I’ve learned I am simply awful at sending things out in the mail and it’s better to disappoint people while they still have their books, than to disappoint them with their books on my desk.

  25. Fair enough. Now that you say that, I think I recall you saying this once before. Hopefully you come near Maryland sometime, it’d be nice to meet you.

  26. Oh Darn! I will not be able to go the Nebula weekend because I’ll be going to my first con of the summer. Its Mobicon XIII in Mobile, AL this weekend. Is there any chance you might make a surprise vist to Mobicon this year?

  27. I believe there’s a shuttle launch scheduled on Friday, too. Go up to Titusville or the town of Cape Canaveral after lunch time and get your socks rocked while your at it.

    I’m sorely tempted to make the trip, but I fear my employer wouldn’t be too happy with me adding 5 or 6 hours to my weekend without notice.

  28. I would love to come, but I don’t own a car and live in Gainesville…about two hours north I think. Not fair. :(

  29. I would love to get my copy of Zoe’s Tale signed. But the traffic getting off KSC will be horrible if the shuttle goes up on time. And most of it will be right around your hotel. Hopefully I will be able to get there. Enjoy the launch.

  30. Ben Bova and China Mieville didn’t make it — but I did get signed books by John Scalzi, Paolo Bacigalupi, Neal Barrett, Jr., Christopher Barzak, Jeffrey A. Carver, Laura Anne Gilman, Joe W. Haldeman, Peter J. Heck, Ted Kosmatka, Mary Robinette Kowal, Edward M. Lerner, Jack McDevitt, John Moore, Allen Steele and Connie Willis.

  31. Like Mark (post #20), I was at LepreCon 36 this past weekend. Being the chair, I definitely couldn’t have bailed to head to Florida but certainly would have liked to have been there. The group signing we did at the Tempe Nebulas was a lot of fun (getting a large group of authors in one room at one time is always interesting).

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