Jane Siberry Gives It Away

Jane Siberry, eclectic Canadian songwriter, is opening up her past catalogue for everyone to download, free. This is an excellent opportunity for you to try When I Was Boy, which is one of my all-time favorite albums. You won’t regret it, especially at this price.

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  1. Excellent! I’ve been meaning to get a copy of “The Walking” sooner or later, if only for the song “The White Tent the Raft.”

  2. Oh, wow, I’d forgotten “Temple” was on this album.

    Although I still prefer The Speckless Sky. But that’s just me!

  3. Thanks, you very much for the link. I didn’t know her, but her music is exactly up my alley. Hearing the stuff she gives for free made me putting down some orders on Amazon for some of her CDs (no reason not to put a bit into the “tip jar”).

  4. I’m very happy to see this, it means I can fill out my collection.

    Nit-picking, as I do, the “studio quality” aiff’s are actually just CD quality, and I’d prefer FLAC than ZIP either way.

  5. Jane is an amazing musician, and is actually a pioneer in being her own label, and selling her music online. I wonder why she is doing this?

  6. Wow, excellent. It means I don’t have to dig all her CDs out of storage to finally rip them to my iPod! (I’m with Ron@3, though, in preferring “The Speckless Sky”).

    She used to play in NYC regularly and I’d always try and find a way to get there.

  7. Daniel Sroka @ 7:

    I wonder why she is doing this?

    For one possible reason, see Strabo’s comment at #4.

  8. Steve @ 5:
    That was Jill Sobule.
    (Who happens to be *much* better than that one song would lead you to believe…)

    As for Jane, I only know a couple songs off of Teenager (I think?), but I love them. She’s one of those artists who I want to hear more from, but something/someone else always seems to distract my attention firs…Oooh! Pretty! Shiny!….Um, where was I?

    Anyway, Thank you John for the link. Of course, we also have to thank Jane… Off to iTunes!

  9. @7: Jane’s been experimenting with self-determined pricing for several years (even before Radiohead made it famous, I believe) and has been dissatisfied with the payment services available. She sent a note out the other day (also posted to her website) explaining her decision to give away her music for free: “i have let paypal go. old-fashioned wheezy paranoid beast. and i can’t find a simple enough new solution. so, all music is pay-it-forward.”

  10. thank you for this info. I lurvs Siberry.

    And all my vinyl is still sitting as vinyl awaiting to be ripped…..



  11. Great news! She got her start around our neck of the woods (lovely Guelph, Ontario), and it was a great surprise to see her name here.

  12. Thanks for “paying it forward.” I love No Borders Here, and am now looking forward to trying some of her other works.

  13. John, just an FYI. This video has been removed from YouTube and the link is broken. I guess that’s what happens when I’m a year late to the party.

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