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I’ve already had several meetings today and will have more, and then I have to get dressed up and go to the Nebulas. So: Busy! Will see you all tomorrow. But in the meantime, please to enjoy this picture I shot yesterday, of a thing that happened at about 2:20pm:

Pretty, pretty.

And how are you?

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  1. sad news: did you hear that ripley, the bald sphinx cat of Borderlands Books in SF had to be put down?

    other than that, things are shiny & squishy. have a happy weekend….

  2. Very jealous. Was it loud and wonderful? I’ve seen a Delta launch, but never a shuttle.

  3. Isn’t that one of the most amazing things? Seeing a shuttle launch live at the Cape is one thing that should be on most people’s bucket list, but sadly there’s only one more chance in the forseeable future.

    “awe-inspiring” is a word bandied about enough that it has lost meaning. Watching a shuttle launch in person resets the bar on “awe” – and watching a night launch…I still get goosebumps to this day when I think about it.

  4. Man, I wish I had been able to see the launch — always dreamed of seeing a launch, shuttle or otherwise. Maybe I’ll be able to see the next one.

  5. dear Mr. Scalzi,

    yesterday night I read “the android´s dream” in a gulp (I hadn´t had that for month) – a whole night until the bird´s pray – thank you for that one. I foresaw the overtaking of the nidu´s web through Brian but I was hit by the sheep within the sheep (no offence here, I thought of a “germanism” a wulf in a sheepscoat – a friendly one of course meaning a woman who can stand for and defend herself with womanly tools) after the visit of Robins dearest? (I read it translated therefore I´m not sure, if I retranslated it right) I thougt of sheep looking up as well and some associativ loose thoughts may caused by lack of sleep and adrenalin. thanks again


    Antonio Burghauser (sending from Frankfurt – Germany)

    P.S.: my first one of your enlightend feather was “agent to the stars” as well marvellous stash.

  6. “And how are you?”

    I’m sad. I watched the first orbital shuttle launch on TV while sitting in a Houston school. I was six. It would take me pages to tell you what’s running through my head as I watch the last launches – but, in a nutshell, I’m sad.

  7. One of these days I’d like to see something go from ~sea level to ~orbital in one fell swoosh.

    It’s definitely on my bucket list.

    So, they’re winding down the shuttle? I didn’t realize it was so soon.

    Looks like they’re replacing it by outsourcing launches to private companies.

    I suppose that’s progress of sorts. Still, no big programs on the horizon. Space elevator, moon base, mission to mars, whatever. Which is a bit of a bummer.

    I didn’t know that the first shuttle was originally called the “Constitution” but a write in campaign by Star Trek fans convinced them to rename it “Enterprise”. Sometimes it’s really amazing the impact that fiction can have on the real world.

  8. Things like this make me think I need to spend some time down at the Cape in the fall — my father is lucky enough to own a condo beachside there, and I really want to see the Shuttle take off once before they mothball it.

  9. I am awestruck by the general awesomeness of the human race that can do something so amazing (and by the way, thanks america for that, at least). And I am also sad, that this appears to be the almost-end of the shuttle programme, but you know politicians have to get elected and hey nobody (at least nobody important) votes to spend tax $ on missions to mars.

    It is great that humanity can achieve such a thing, but sad that we are so short-sighted as not to continue when we have reached so far. But I do still think that one day, people will stand on an alien world, and look up. Those who do may well speak Chinese, or Hindi, which is absolutely fine. Hey, I’m optimist, so sue me.

  10. Patrick Alan — looks like the start of Suburban Wars to me. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

    PS- NPR this morning said that NASA is looking at pulling a Cher and has a list of things A Second Last Launch For Atlantis might take up to the ISS, if Congress wants to spend the money.

  11. critter42: FWIW, NASA’s website has a STS-133 (September) and STS-134 (Novemberish) on the list, so probably two more chances.

  12. Gorgeous. Thank you for that photo. It’s one of the few things I’ve missed about living in FL. The best one I ever saw was late in the evening, sun already down, the sky all full of color and that giant plume dissipating slowly on the horizon.

  13. Scalzi, you are a sneaky – and lucky – bastard. ‘course, I got mine years ago, with STS-48 (UARS) – managed to scam employee passes by going with a friend who worked on the Cape… got closer than the press box. Still. Now, if we can get this bucket of bolts (and her sisters) back down again and into a museum in one piece, I will count us *all* lucky.

  14. If Mr. Scalzi’s tweets are to be believed (and they’ve never steered me wrong yet), he’s the new president-elect of SFWA. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Well, it could have, but I believe John ran unopposed.

    Anyway, congratulations Chief!

  15. Dr. Phil

    We are warring with a neighboring Home Owners Association. Would you believe those infidels across the way allow their neighborhood to park cars on the street – overnight!!!

    We have to crush them now. They even allow more than 6 different house colors in a single neighborhood.

    If that happens here, it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

  16. Probably saying this to the wrong audience (a bunch of sci fi fans) but a shuttle launch would be more awe inspiring if we weren’t trying to reach other planets because we’ve used up almost every life sustaining resource on this one while overcrowding and trashing what was once a very awe inspiring collection of beautiful ecosystems.

  17. Lived in Orlando for several years a while back. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched every launch as we really didn’t have a bad view from that part of the state. Only got over to the beach one time to see a launch up close. Do remember my whole neighborhood turning out for an impromptu block party in the middle of the night for the first night launch though.

  18. Wow. We took pictures of each other. Just REALLY REALLY FAR, so we don’t even make each other out as a pixel. I was in St. Augustine watching the launch. I was barely allowed to to that, let alone to drive to Cocoa Beach. :(

  19. sam young @ 1: that is sad news… Borderlands won’t be the same without Ripley…. nor Alan for that matter.

  20. Martin @19:

    a) Whatever are our reasons for reaching to other planets, this one being trashed is NOT one of them.

    b) Whatever vehicles are used to reach other planets, Shuttle is NOT one of them.

    c) In whatever univers we “used up almost every life sustaining resource on [Earth]”, it is not this one.

    Yes, you are speaking to a bunch of scifi fans, and as a scifi fan I call on your blatant ignorance.

  21. I saw that pic and realized that it’s nearly identical to several my son returned home with from his run to the cape. I sent him a link to this post and he wants to know if you were “the guy in the water with the camera…”

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