Quick Nebula Recap

This will be quick because it’s 3:30am and man, I’m tired:

Norton Award: Didn’t win, Cat Valente did, which makes me really happy because Cat’s a friend of mine, and she’s awesome;

Nebula for Novella: Also didn’t win, Kage Baker did, which is a fantastic tribute to an author taken too soon;

SFWA Presidency: I did win this one, so starting July 1, I’ll be running the joint. Insert evil laugh here, I’m too tuckered to do it myself.

Being elected SFWA president gave me the coolest moment of the evening, which being the guy who announced the Best Novel Nebula recipient, who was Paolo Bacigalupi, for The Windup Girl. It was awesome to help make someone that happy.

More later, but first: Sleep and then a long day of travel. Most likely catch you Monday.

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