Quick Nebula Recap

This will be quick because it’s 3:30am and man, I’m tired:

Norton Award: Didn’t win, Cat Valente did, which makes me really happy because Cat’s a friend of mine, and she’s awesome;

Nebula for Novella: Also didn’t win, Kage Baker did, which is a fantastic tribute to an author taken too soon;

SFWA Presidency: I did win this one, so starting July 1, I’ll be running the joint. Insert evil laugh here, I’m too tuckered to do it myself.

Being elected SFWA president gave me the coolest moment of the evening, which being the guy who announced the Best Novel Nebula recipient, who was Paolo Bacigalupi, for The Windup Girl. It was awesome to help make someone that happy.

More later, but first: Sleep and then a long day of travel. Most likely catch you Monday.

48 Comments on “Quick Nebula Recap”

  1. Congrats, Mr President. What are your plans for the next year? Will you continue to steer the ship as it currently is or do you plan to make any major changes?

  2. Congrats. Enjoy the Presidency until the SFWA membership rises up in revolt against you because you have become drunk and corrupt on your power and awesomeness, and they catch on to your plans for world domination and learn that YOU MUST BE STOPPED. I believe the shark tank will be delivered next week.

  3. Young or Rush school of leadership?

    Congrats on winning SFWA. No Nebulas, but a man can have too much of a good thing.

  4. Just upgraded from dumb phone to iPhone with dataplan Now I realize that the scalzi experience can be multiplied. On the road. Anywhere!
    You, on the other hand, where simply elected for one year to do things you believe in. Guess who’s happier?
    Ok, YOU get to stand next to China Mieville. So what? Why would I be Jealous? My inner geek is really happy with his shiny new toy….

  5. SFWA Presidency: I did win this one, so starting July 1, I’ll be running the joint. Insert evil laugh here, I’m too tuckered to do it myself.

    There you go: *Mwahahahaaah!!*

    (I hope there’s also a hat.)

  6. I was watching the live feed, and we all squeed when Cat won. Fairyland is sort of a “come from behind” book, and I was really rooting for it, though I expected Leviathan to win because it was (a) Westerfeld and (b) hit all of the current trends and (c) has much more of a standard YA tone. I love Fairyland lots, but Cat’s writerly voice is complex and lyrical, and not what I’m used to seeing in YA. Personally, I think YA readers need more variety in writing style, so I’m glad something new is out there.

    Anyone who’s interested can read (and donate, though it is free) here.

  7. Congrats. Now the presidency will be imbued with that crackling sense of humor.

  8. I imagine that’s one of the pluses for being a relatively small community. Even if you don’t win, someone you know might, or someone you’re a fan of.

  9. Congratulations, Your Excellency. (With apologies to H. Kissenger.)

    Jack Tingle

  10. I expect to see video of someone singing a breathy “happy birthday, Mr President” next year.

  11. Congratulations, Mr. President! Thanks also to you and all of the authors for taking the time to do a signing. It made braving the ridiculous launch traffic more than worth the frustration!

  12. Greg @17: And save your best gourmet popcorn for this one, because Krissy will no doubt be sitting right next to him, daggers coming out of her eyes. ;-)

  13. # Irène (I hope there’s also a hat.)

    I’m with Irène on the hat, you really need a good hat for world domination.

  14. Josh Jasper @13: Every time I see “Paolo Bacigalupi” in print, my mind translates it to “Paulo Baglady.”

  15. Congratulations.

    You know, I bet if you tried you could finagle a visit to the White House to meet Obama.

  16. Can we start calling you a secret Muslim Socialist? You know, just to make you feel really presidential? Also, questioning whether you were really born in another country will be raised. :D

  17. Excellent! Bacigalupi deserved it as far as I’m concerned. I absolutely loved reading The Windup Girl when I got it for Christmas.
    And congrats on conq^H^H^H^H — on your new position with the SFWA! Some day, many years from now I hope to be able to vote for you for your Nth term.

  18. Congratulations on the win; it looks like a really good slate, and very good news for SFWA.

  19. I, for one, look forward to our new Scalzi overlord.

    (Oh, come on, I wasn’t the only one thinking this.)

    Congrats, John!

  20. Congratulations, etc. Now what you need to do is design a really cool sash that identifies yourself as SFWA president that you can wear at convetions.

  21. Congratulations on the win! I just got a copy of Wind-Up Girl today, although I still need to finish Boneshaker first.

  22. Not sure, but I think the correct form of address is: “The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!”

    So now, do you nominate Judge Syn to the Supreme Court?

  23. Sucks for you on losing out on the writing noms, but isn’t there truth to the old cliche that there’s some ballots it’s a total FTW just to be on? I didn’t think Baker’s novella was her best work, but she’s one of the few writers (you’re another) I can honestly say I’ve never had a meh-moment with.

  24. The only presidency on Earth in which your guards are issued actual laser pistols.

  25. Congrats on the win. Just remember that while it does come with a hat, the attached feather is not allowed to be editable. The bylaws do rule out noms de plume.

  26. # Irène (I hope there’s also a hat.)

    All we need is a hat size, and there WILL be a hat.

  27. Etiquette help, folks: is the proper address “Your Cromulence” or “Your Cromulent Majesty”? Or both?