Also, to Catch Everyone Up Fully

In case you haven’t seen it, the list of this year’s Nebula Award winners, and who’s been newly elected to the SFWA board of directors (including me). In the latter case, we take office July 1.The Nebula winners are, of course, currently winners.

I’ll write more later, but I have a column deadline right now, and then I have to go pick up my dog from the kennel. So off with me.

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  1. So…now that you’re SFWA president, could you agitate for an award for the science fiction/fantasy (web) comics arena? I believe that the well written ones do as much to promote science fiction as short stories and movies amongst a fairly large population now and might be worthy of recognition….

  2. Flaime:

    It’s not the highest thing on my list of priorities, no. I have a number of internal (and from the outside, extraordinarily boring) issues to attend to before I introduce new business, of which what you describe would be.

    I will note that Web comics are amply represented in the Hugo category of Best Graphic Story.

  3. Yeah, I am pretty sure that Girl Genius counts as “web comic” given that the “volume” that won the Hugo hadn’t even been printed when it was nominated. (Same goes this year, from what I can tell…Volume 9 is only up for preorders.)

    You could make the claim that so far, only web comics have won.

  4. With Scalzi president, does this mean free pie for all? or only SFWA members?

  5. Congrats fearless leader and associate leader MRK!

    Let’s try to skip any portions of Schadenfruede pie for all of us in the family this year though. I always get a little nauseous when I have to choke some down personally. So far so good this year 8D

    A nice deep dish apple or peach, that’s the ticket.

  6. very nice to see the smaller publishers so well represented in the awards. also very happy for Paolo, congratulations to him.

  7. As long as it’s not Schadenfruede pi, because MAN, that stuff just goes on forEVER. I love irrational jokes.

    And I gotta say, ‘El Presidente’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

  8. Hi John, I love your blog. I live in Italy, where it is hard to get English language books (must order from Amazon UK) and so i love my kindle to death. I would love to read The Windup Girl on my Kindle, but can’t, which seems somehow insane for a nebula-winning novel. As a matter of fact, more thrillers are available for Kindle than SF. What’s up with that?

    best, Elizabeth
    PS — we share an Agent, the wonderful Ethan Ellenberg

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