For Those of You Who Missed the Live Show

Here’s a Web video of the Nebula Awards, starting with David Levine’s excellent keynote address about going to Mars. If you go to 43:18 in the video, you’ll see Toastmaster Alan Steele introduce me and then me give away the Best Novel Nebula to Paolo Bacigalupi. But the whole thing is fun.

[vodpod id=Video.3647066&w=425&h=350&fv=loc%3D%2F%26amp%3Bautoplay%3Dfalse%26amp%3Bvid%3D6955588%26amp%3Blocale%3Den_US]

Also for your edification, the MidAmericaCon Fan Photo Archive of the Nebula Weekend, with pictures taken by Keith Stokes. Below is a fine photo:

That’s me, Krissy and China Miéville, for those of you needing a program for the players. I am definitely the least gorgeous person in the picture. But I’m married to the most gorgeous (sorry, China), so I’m okay with that.

24 Comments on “For Those of You Who Missed the Live Show”

  1. I really appreciate that the feed was made available for this. I will never be able to attend something like it and it was great to have the chance to watch, as well as put faces and voices with people I usually only get to read. I especially enjoyed Joe Haldeman’s acceptance speech. Great guy, that.

  2. Ah Paolo! He’s a local author and and acquaintance–we were all super excited for him here in Colorado. :) (Spelling his last name makes a fine drinking game for cons, too.)

  3. You may be least gorgeous at that particular table, but it’s a short scale from “incredible beauty” to “cleans up very well”.

  4. “Less gorgeous than Krissy or China Miéville” is not exactly a put-down.

  5. Was that photo taken before or after you reminded your Tweet-ees that *You* were standing next to China Miéville, and we weren’t?

  6. Yeah, China Mieville… what with the shaved head, and the earrings, and the accent… mmm.

    Sorry, John. Try hanging out with ugly people next time.

  7. We have got to get you into a bow tie.
    Seriously, you’re both looking great. Congrats on the victory, pats on the back for the loss this time.

  8. You are SO not the least attractive person there.

    There are unattractive people in the background. :D

    You three should go off and form a secret Beautiful People team, with Tim Gunn as your Charlie-in-a-box.

  9. I am definitely the least gorgeous person in the picture. But I’m married to the most gorgeous

    The metaphor that springs to mind is “you have totally out-kicked your coverage”.

  10. I just have to say how happy it made me to see that you had linked to Keith’s photos – him being my mom’s fiance and all. Made my day/night (since it’s two in the morning).

  11. Dear Krissy,

    A random stranger on the internet likes your dress.

    That Random Stranger

  12. Great pic, too bad the guy is such a big socialist. Sigh, no one is perfect. It does cause me to wonder if he spreads his wealth around equally to all… snicker.

  13. Another random Internet stranger likes Krissy’s dress. Also? She has fantastic hair. I have style envy. Woe.

  14. Hey! Those hands around that beer belong to my husband! I must tell him that his hands have achieved blogular fame.

  15. The suit and the goatee make you look very distinguished, like a German history professor. You’ll have to start calling yourself Von Scalzi.

  16. “Rachel, you will also notice the chocolates in front of me, which I have now consumed, and which were yummy. Thank you.”

    Excellent. :D You’re welcome.

  17. “Most Gorgeous” requires a value judgment on the part of the reader on gender. Having met him, I don’t think a woman would ever manage to win that accolade from me over Mr. Mieville.

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