Daily Archives: May 21, 2010

Product Placement

Yes, folks, I knew that Old Man’s War would get a cameo in tonight’s episode of Stargate Universe. It was very kind of them to give it one.

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The Rand Paul Conundrum

Question in e-mail: Any thoughts on Rand Paul? Yeah: I suspect Rand Paul will have to decide whether he wants to be libertarian, or if he wants to be elected. I think we’ve already gotten a bit of that answer already, with his hasty sprintback (or as I think he would prefer to have it […]

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One Small Detail Regarding The Big Idea

In my wanderings out there on the great big electronic Web-like thingie we call, uh, the Web, yesterday I saw someone praising The Big Idea and saying that she could always rely on the book recommendations I make through it. Naturally, I’m delighted she finds The Big Idea so useful — that’s the whole point, […]

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