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Screencap taken by Patrick Hester

Yes, folks, I knew that Old Man’s War would get a cameo in tonight’s episode of Stargate Universe. It was very kind of them to give it one.

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  1. Bribes? I was expecting some money bribes soon due to my now special status of a Nielsen family. LOL What’s sad is that I’m so honest in this endeavor that I recorded my ADHD viewing last night. Bizarre but true diary. I can’t lie. Dammit! How do people lie? According to Nielson, I just have to watch 5 minutes. K. Ummm…that leaves a lot of leeway in my viewing pleasure. I tend to flip alot. Last night I flipped from “The Newlywed Game”, “Little Big Man” and Rachel Maddow. Yeah, Nielsen asked me. It’s their fault.

    Not tonight.

  2. What we really want to see is a stone John Scalzi statue on a planet they visit. Imagine the fangasam.

  3. John: The image (I presume a screencap) doesn’t load. The error it gives is “Access Denied, Request has expired” and some other gibberish. ;-(

  4. @bm
    I can’t see it either.

    If I open the image in a new tab Amazon s3 gives me “AccessDeniedRequest has expired” and some other stuff.

  5. Now can you get them to work “your hate mail will be graded” into the dialogue?

  6. Thanks for fixing the image and BTW I forgot to say: Congrats on the book cameo! :-)

  7. Cool shout out!

    Is it just me or does Richard Dean Anderson look way puffier on SGU than he did on SG1?

  8. “What we really want to see is a stone John Scalzi statue on a planet they visit. Imagine the fangasam.”

    Better yet, have a Stargate team discover a race of sentient felines who dress themselves in bacon.

  9. I >>totally<< spotted that during the show, no prompting (It's 12:20pm here.)

    So, I rock. Just sayin'.

  10. Haha, I saw it and I am like… I know that book! Good one, Your Deliciousness!

  11. “Better yet, have a Stargate team discover a race of sentient felines who dress themselves in bacon.”

    Which would alleviate any food problem. And the fur hat shortage…


  12. I read Old Man’s War ~3 weeks ago. It’s my first Scalzi read. I liked it. And I just got SG-1 in my mailbox from netflix today. Starting at the beginning. I’m curious to know when you hopped on the SG team.

  13. @Chelle:

    I watched the first two episodes of SG:Universe as a Stargate virgin. I LOVED it but I had a problem. I had NFI what was going on at any given moment, and that was unacceptable. I remember seeing the beautiful blonde lady come arrowing down in a badass ship like a space-age Valkyrie. I had to know everything about her and how she got there. I realized that this was our Air Force, and then I had to know about that, too.

    However, it was the scene where Eli, the doctor, and the cute lieutenant kid walk onto the bridge of the ship. Doctor and Cuteguy look at the display and kind of blanch. Eli was like, “…what?” And I was like, “…what?” I was Eli. No, no, no. I wanted to be In The Know and not have to have the significance explained to me every time something has gone seriously awry or is about to do so. (But the Eli character is a really great narrative device. If I weren’t so compulsive, I’d have been okay learning as he learned.)

    So, I ordered up SG-1 and started watching it immediately. The thing about SG-1 is that the first season is a little, well, Pollyanna. Bad things get set up and then don’t really follow through. Crisis is averted for seemingly no reason at all sometimes. It was tough going at first. However, the payoff came about halfway through the season when they found their stride, and season 2 of SG-1 is all about consequences. And it just gets incredibly better from there.

    Right now, I’ve finished season 9 of SG-1, and I’m in the middle of season 2 of SG:Atlantis, so that I’ll be current when I watch the end of SG-1. Once I finish Atlantis, I’ll be caught up and I can go back to SG:Universe. And I’ll finally know everything. ;)

  14. This is in Subversion? We are still waiting for Pain in the UK, next Tuesday. Never thought I would approve of product placement.

  15. Speaking of SGU, did anyone see that Alastair Reynolds gave it some props on his blog – and a sizable reason for that was that the show is paying attention to SCIENCE – he gave some props to Scalzi too

    – Jeff

  16. I loved the product placement, however, I hope you now realize, Ghlaghghee may now desire to be presented for all admirers to gaze upon in TV Land.

  17. Indeed. Caturday in space. Please make it so. Those ticks wouldn’t have been such a problem if Destiny had been a crazy cat lady wonderland.

  18. I squeed! And giggled. And clapped. A good time was had by all. Also, double bonus – dropped by the library earlier in the day to drop off some books and totally squeed when I stumbled across The God Engines in the new book section.

    Yes, I’ve definitely had my recommended daily allowance of Scalzi squee today. And it is delicious.

  19. Hey John,

    Our pleasure. And given the fact that we failed to sign you to an actual contract this season, please consider that little cameo your compensation in lieu of a proper cash payment.

    In season two, you may choose to be remunerated in either a Zoe’s Tale cameo or spiced almonds.

    All the best,

    Joseph Mallozzi

  20. I caught the cameo 1st time through, and yea, even being 38 years old, and male…I squeed. Yes, I admit it…very cool to see one of your favorite books make a cameo!

    Now if only they would adapt it into its own series! Seriously, why arent we all tuning in after SGU for “Old Man’s War”? I read the series through 4 times already…I REALLY want to see this adapted into a movie or (preferably) a TV series!

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