Off Today

Entire right arm hurts (slept on it wrong) and that makes typing twinge-y. So taking the day off the computer. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Tendonitis is a real drag. Take care of yourself, and let’s hope it’s something like having slept wrong.

  2. John,

    Part of your heading says “YOU MAY NOW REFER TO ME AS “YOUR DELICIOUSNESS””.

    How about just “cupcake with light frosting”

    Pucca the rabbit…..

  3. I believe you are supposed to sleep on your back, so the bacon grease is distributed evenly throughout your bloodstream.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. I’ve done that and it turned out it was a pinched nerve in my neck. Now I do neck stretches (shoulder to shoulder, backwards and forwards, side to side) and it helps a lot with the pain in my right arm.

    Hope it clears up quickly.

  5. A real bad maladie for a writer (perhaps to many words yesterday – are you writing secretely? – I liked the hint to the military writers anthology although I don´t think it is a nessisity to be in the service to write authentic in this area.)

    There are some points in ear acupressure to ease the pain and alter the disturbance. Right ear (only) in the middle of the ear between the big earcoil and the outer earrim there are 4 points for the shoulder-arm-region (in a row). As well opposit on the earreverse. 1 to 3 times dayly pressured upward (for the merians have a direction) about 5 minutes alltogether (if the points are painful, that leads the way, where the pain ist most there is the disturbance). A tool that is always available it the sidenail of the thumb. Good luck and all the best.

  6. We all know it’s a Sunday and sunny, you could have just been like “Nerd needs sunlight on the sun’s day” but instead you make an excuse. For shame Scalzi.

    Hope you feel better man.

  7. Something really interesting is happening here – I like to put it in the phrase “someone is dening a free mail” – exept there is nothing like a free meal – so to Nik Gregory, Jay Lonner, Miles Archer and Pucca the rabbit: I didn´t like your response for I feel a lot of carelessnes or disrespect in it – nevertheless, it is a free country/world/net with the freedom of speech and to you martin: NOBODY should be killed not even careless literally for such thing – you´ll stand waisthigh in bodies if you do that and thinking that through there is a small step to shooting people for not spelling right ore things…

  8. Owww. I hate, hate, hate that. Hope you feel better. Best wishes, good thoughts, bright blessings.

  9. John has abandoned us. It has been hours now. We must make John happy again. I have begun the construction of a giant bacon covered runway outside my house. Together with the giant bacon covered cat which shall be sited at the end of the runway I am sure, no, certain – that John will return to us shortly. Only through construction and sacrifice will John return to us. If he fails to do so that is merely proof that we lack faith and runway construction abilities. Perhaps our giant bacon cats are not pleasing enough….

  10. You don’t need a reason to take a day off. I hope you feel better.

    I stop working at least once a day, if I can, to read your Blog.

    An interesting book I read years ago was The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. It made me think about why I felt driven and ashamed if I stopped working. It was an “oh wow” book.

  11. Hey John!
    The sun’s up here on Monday. You sleeping in after watching the LOST finale Sunday night? So what did you think?

  12. Pit Lighthouse @9: OMG you are my new hero (sorry John, you’ve been usurped). That actually really helps!

    -Luna, chronic right-arm/hand-pain-sufferer

  13. I hope you feel better. I know how it is to sleep wrong. I did the same thing with my neck one time. Take care.

  14. That reminds me of Dana Carvey’s Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies. Specifically the part about aging. lol!

  15. Lunamoth @ 21: Always a pleasure – nice Webside by the way – especially liked your statement about “what one should have in mind” when writing comments on your forum (in your “about me”).

    There are as well body-points (but a little to complicated to describe with my limited english) I can recommand though a very good book about selftreatment (unfortunately in german but with photos and the points on it really easy to find even if you can´t understand the text. With over 130 headwords from heyfever to migraine) (Akupressur – Dr. med. Frank R. Bahr – Mosaik Verlag – ISBN 3-576-10454-2). (The german internet second-hand-bookshops-assotiation is

  16. There is also a useful pressure point in the well of the shoulder (the space bordered by the collarbone and the shoulderblade). You can work it by curving the fingers of your opposite hand into a hook and letting the weight of your arm press your fingertips into the well.

    Alternatively, go see a professional massage therapist or acupuncturist. If you don’t see one regularly, consider it — a relationship with a good body mechanic can save you money on pills and lost work.

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