My Phoenix Comicon Schedule

As most of you know, this weekend I will be in Arizona as a writer Guest of Honor at the Phoenix Comicon, at which I’ll be doing all sorts of various things, most of them legal, not all of them involving fishnet leggings. More specifically, here are the panels I’m scheduled to participate on:

Fri: 1:30 pm – Stargate Universe – As the debut season is nearing the end, Stargate Universe Creative Consultant John Scalzi talks about the latest Stargate series from an insider’s point of view.

Fri: 3:00 pm – Bad Design in Science Fiction Universes – We love Star Wars, Star Trek, and other fictional universes.  However, not all elements of these universes are the most practical of designs. Our esteemed panelists take a closer look at the nature of design in these areas. With John Scalzi, Seth Shostak,Kevin Grazier, Michael Stackpole

Sat 1:30 pm – Spotlight on John Scalzi – Author Guest John Scalzi talks about his work, making a living as a writer, his award winning blog The Whatever, and his plans for world domination starting with the presidency of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America!

Sun 10:30 am – Scifi Social Media – Is your favorite author a Facebook friend? We look at how Sci-Fi notables are using social media tools – Twitter, podcasting, blogging, Facebook, Myspace, etc. – to build fan connections and communities around themselves and their works.  With Jack Mangan, Michael Stackpole, John Scalzi, Aprilynne Pike, Leanna Renee Hieber, & Sam Sykes

Sunday noon – Consulting on Science Fiction TV & Film – Kevin Grazier and John Scalzi have been consultants for Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, and Stargate Universe while Seth Shostak has consulted on many science fiction movies. Find out what effect they’ve had on their respective projects. John Scalzi, Seth Shostak and Kevin Grazier with Jaime Paglia

Sunday 3:00 pm Super Happy Fun Time with John and Wil – Award winning bloggers John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton team up for a fun hour.

In addition, I’ll also be having what looks like three signing slots (Mysterious Galaxy bookstore will be there and will have copies of my books on hand) and will be making an ass of myself on Rock Band with Wil and a few others. Oh, the fun to be had. I would also stress that if you can make it to the Super Happy Fun Time with John and Wil, you should. We may — may, mind you — have something to unveil there. No, I will not say more. You have to show up to find out what it is.

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  1. Dude, you’re gonna be on two panels with Seth Shostak? That is so cool!

    I hope it’s a fun and productive con, man.

  2. “The Whatever”? It didn’t think your blog had a “The” before it.

  3. My mistake on “The” in front of Whatever. It just didn’t look right in the sentence by itself.

    The Rock Band with Wil will be on Friday night at The Hyatt. The panels will all be in the Phoenix Convention Center.

  4. I’ll be busy all weekend with guests comming in from California, but have a good time.

    FYI, The closest In-n-Out is about 8 miles from the convention center at Rural Rd and the Loop-101.

  5. Also, Mysterious Galaxy will have copies of the Tor edition of Metatropolis, so you’ll be able to get a copy and have it signed.

  6. Fri: 3:00 pm – Bad Design in Science Fiction Universes—-Oh, I wish I could be there for this panel. Could you report on the conversation there, afterwards? Pretty please?

  7. All I know is, I’m glad there’s an hour and a half-long break for us all to go lie down for a while between the James Marsters concert and Geek Prom, or the excitement would probably have people fainting left and right. (Well, okay, maybe just me; I bought my tickets back in December, and I’ve been in a state of near-constant squeeing happiness for the last week just thinking about it.) PCC is usually a great little con; the organizers are awesome people, and the fans who come are generally good-natured and friendly. Hope this year continues that tradition!

  8. “We may — may, mind you — have something to unveil there.”

    The long-awaited black velvet painting of John Scalzi will be ready for Phoenix Comicon?

    (pricing last-minute airfare to Phoenix)

  9. As much as my wife and I love Phoenix, and it’s easy to get there from our home in Utah, I don’t think I can talk her into doing this for our 10th anniversary… bummer.

    Everyone that’s going, have a little extra fun for me. (But please don’t take any pictures of John in fishnets – some things I just don’t want to see.)

  10. I’m guessing that fishnet leggings may be involved with the Super Happy Fun Time.

    But I’ve been wrong before. They’d also go well with Bad Design in SF Universes.

  11. Well, you and Wil just save up some good stuff for w00tstock here in Minneapolis the _next_ weekend…

  12. I am jealous, and I discovered that my friend Casey Shultz is co-hosting part of the geek prom. I just can’t figure out how I ended up married to such a non-geek that I don’t ever get to go to this stuff.

  13. Sounds like fun. Will our favourite author be tweeting from the social media panel for those of us unable to attend? :)

  14. I might be there. (Working graveyard shift during the convention dates, so sleep tends to take priority, but might be able to get there for a few hours here and there.)

  15. My flight back to Minneapolis is at 5:10 on Sunday, so how about we just scootch the start time for Super Happy Fun Time up a little, k? :)
    Well, I should be able to catch part of it before rushing off to the airport. Will we be getting Super Happy Fun Time when you & Wil are at w00tstock too?


  16. When I saw that you and Wil were going to be there and on a panel together I almost went into cardiac arrest. When I found out I could play Rock Band with Wil I think I peed a little. When I read “will be making an ass of myself on Rock Band with Wil and a few others” and realized that meant I could play with you too, I might have blacked out for a few minutes. It may be underestimating it to say that I am excited. Lets just hope that I don’t turn into a puddle of goo. I held it together when I met William Gibson and we actually had a pretty great conversation. That means I can keep myself from being a wacko fanjob right? Right? Tell Wil that he doesn’t have to worry about singing Journey this year. I’ll down a Guinness or two and take over that responsibility.

  17. Don’t forget your proof of citizenship!

    Especially as there will be lots and lots of aliens at this con.

  18. Please bring ‘Super Happy Fun Time with John and Wil’ to the UK – that would be amazing.

  19. Let me second the request for a report on your session with fellow “consultants” Seth Shostak and Kevin Grazier. I don’t come here and bitch about the often terrible writing and characterisation of female characters on SGU (which, I believe, would earn you a tag-team whupping with the mallet of loving correction from the Scalzi women if it turned up in your novels) because you’re NOT the head writer or showrunner.
    As the saying goes, I guess those big picture and tonal issues are all the way above your pay grade.

    Grazier’s also been entertainingly blunt about how, as a science consultant on BSG, his input was certainly welcome — and taken seriously — but would be cheerfully ignored if it got in the way of telling a story. (For example, the Galactica probably would have snapped like a twig belly-flopping through the atmosphere of New Caprica. But wasn’t it cool?)

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