Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

German METAtropolis Cover

I think it’s pretty. It’s also the first German cover of a work of mine (or in this case, a co-work) that doesn’t feature a laser-shooting spacecraft. So that’s cool, too. For those of you who are wondering, a) my name is bigger than everyone else’s because I sell well in Germany and therefore they […]

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The Big Idea: Robin Becker

Zombies: Very popular in literature these days. But there’s a (zombie) elephant in the room here: In all of zombie literature, there is one person whose needs, wants and desires are woefully underarticulated — yea, hardly a shuffling moan is heard in his or her defense. Who is that silent person? Author Robin Becker knows, […]

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3D Movie Prices — IN 3D!!!

Last weekend’s relatively soft box office opening for Shrek Forever After gives me an excuse in my FilmCritic.com column to complain about 3D movies yet again — this time on the topic of the increasingly ridiculous prices theaters are charging for those films. Come read me kvetch and shake my cane! And of course leave […]

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