German METAtropolis Cover

I think it’s pretty. It’s also the first German cover of a work of mine (or in this case, a co-work) that doesn’t feature a laser-shooting spacecraft. So that’s cool, too. For those of you who are wondering, a) my name is bigger than everyone else’s because I sell well in Germany and therefore they want to play up my name and b) it was the publisher’s decision to do that, not mine. Hey, we all got paid equally, at least. For those of you of a Teutonic persuasion, this hits German bookstores in October.

This is also an excellent time for me to remind all of you that the Tor version of METAtropolis is also imminent, as in, it’ll be out here in the US/Canada in just a couple of weeks; June 8, in fact. Don’t worry, I’ll be reminding you between now and then, I’m sure. I just wanted to pop it up on your radar, however, if you’ve not already gotten it via the Audible audio version or the Subterranean Press limited edition. WHY DON’T YOU OWN EVERYTHING I DO ALREADY? WELL? WELL?!!?! Sorry, that just popped out. Point is, hey, look: Jay and Toby and Karl and EBear! And also me. You want some of that.

16 Comments on “German METAtropolis Cover”

  1. “I sell well in Germany”

    So, the similarities between you and David Hasselhoff continue to mount.

  2. Strangely I’ve never seen this similarity before. Maybe that’s because I am a German and do like both. ;)

  3. Futuristic buildings, huh? Eh. Sorry. Speaking as a Professional Graphic Designer (SM), I am obliged to opine that the cover to this book is absolutely crying for a pig on it.

  4. Does anyone else have the same prob I do looking at the Metatropolis covers? I keep seeing it as Meattropolis. I can’t decide if that’s dyslexic or Freudian…

  5. I already own the audible version and the limited edition and I will probably be buying the Tor as well because my son wants to read it and he is not allowed to touch my SubPress books. I keep them in their cute little mylar sleeves once I have finished reading them. Someday I hope to have everything in mylar. It just sounds good.

  6. Stan:

    I prefer not to be referred to in sentences that also include the words “David Hasselhoff” and “mount,” if you please.

  7. Resisting the urge to make inappropriate references to the Spongebob Squarepants movie… must… resist…

  8. David @6, I came here to say the same thing. Actually for me, it’s an extra A being interpolated so that it becomes Meatatropolis. It only happens with some fonts and, oddly enough, not when Scalzi capitalizes the META the way he does. Perhaps it’s an unconscious reminder of our host’s well-known connection with cured pork products.

  9. Hmm… a book with both you and Karl Schroeder in it. I may have to pick it up.

    Oh, who I am kidding. I’ll pick it up just cause Karl’s a nice guy, a great author, and Canadian to boot. And you Scalzi, well you just rock.

  10. Stan@2
    I did not get the joke. Explain please. I do not think I ever watched the show Hasselhoff stared in on TV some years back. Something about a beach, busty blondes in swimwear, and Hasselhoff? Or was that some other guy? Anyway, please explain why I should have laughed at your post.

  11. Perhaps there should be a MEATatropolis Mr. Scalzi. Just sayin, could be hilarious.

  12. John (Your Deliciousness)
    Thanks. Silly Willis. All he had to do was head on over to Wikipedia. Must remember not to post here when dead tired from herding hordes of cats, uh, I mean high school students.

  13. I always had a liking for for David Hasselhoff, probably because I grew up in the right age bracket for Knightrider, but when I saw his cameo in the Spongebob Squarepants movie, I was a fan for life.

    Being able to laugh at yourself is important to me, I would even say it is a make or break quality for me to like someone.