Sunset, 5/26/10

Now with extra added thundercloud.

12 Comments on “Sunset, 5/26/10”

  1. Wow, nice cloud. Nice picture. Is there a thunderstorm associated with that cloud?

  2. Pretty, most of my pictures over the last 20 years consist of clouds, friends or my brothers kids.

    Mostly clouds, (I was gone a lot)

  3. It’s Yoda after you chopped off half of his ear with a lightsaber. He is not a happy little green guy…

  4. @#1 Incidentally, the thunderstorm stuck us in the GTA (at least, I’m guessing it or one of its ilk did, by what the radar movements for the day were), it was rather unimpressive where I live and only removed a small amount of the heat and humidity we’ve had for the last week.

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