Public Art

A fun mobile at the Dayton airport:

The paper airplanes here are actually made of newspaper. I suspect the entire cost of the mobile might be $6.38. But it’s cool looking in real life.

Off to Phoenix

Which means a day of travel and other transportive delights. So I’m likely out of here for the day, although as always in situations like these keep an eye on the Twitter feed for updates on my purgatorial state, because my travel karma is indeed just that bad.

For those of you planning to attend Phoenix Comicon, see you in a few hours and also during the weekend; for those of you not attending Phoenix Comicon, well, I’m sure you’ll have fun this weekend, too. Of a sort.

If you are attending Phoenix Comicon, here’s my schedule once more. And let me just say that you really want to attend Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil on Sunday. Because there will be something there. Something that will change your life forever. No, it’s not Amway products. It’s even better. Seriously, you will want to be there. And those of you who aren’t there, will weep that you were not. Weep! I’m just saying.