Off to Phoenix

Which means a day of travel and other transportive delights. So I’m likely out of here for the day, although as always in situations like these keep an eye on the Twitter feed for updates on my purgatorial state, because my travel karma is indeed just that bad.

For those of you planning to attend Phoenix Comicon, see you in a few hours and also during the weekend; for those of you not attending Phoenix Comicon, well, I’m sure you’ll have fun this weekend, too. Of a sort.

If you are attending Phoenix Comicon, here’s my schedule once more. And let me just say that you really want to attend Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil on Sunday. Because there will be something there. Something that will change your life forever. No, it’s not Amway products. It’s even better. Seriously, you will want to be there. And those of you who aren’t there, will weep that you were not. Weep! I’m just saying.

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  1. You know, John, things like this just make it more difficult for you in future lives.

  2. John,
    I hope you have a great time in Phoenix this weekend. I wish I could be there. I’ll have to wait until next weekend when I’ll be at ConCarolinas/DeepSouthCon 48 in Charlotte, NC. There’s going to be a John at that convention to, but its John Ringo. :)

  3. Thank you for helping us keep perspective. I’m not going to any of the several awesome conventions this weekend, but I will have the fun of NOT being crammed into an airplane or automobile for hours.

  4. Just started watching the third season of “The Guild”. Wil as WOW villian, very amusing. I’m still waiting for him to make it out to Penguicon one of these years.

  5. I hope you are prepared to survive in the harsh Arizona conditions…After all, it’s over 10 miles to the nearest In-n-Out burger..

  6. As someone who saw the Wil & John Show at LOSCON in 2008, I can only say that words cannot begin to describe what awaits those of you who are planning to see them at Phoenix Comicon.

    I still have not recovered from the experience.

    You have been warned !!

  7. I, too, saw the John & Wil show at LosCon in 2008. Wil brought something along with him then. Totally worth it. Goodness only knows what they’ve got planned for Phoenix.

  8. We’re actually having a slightly cooler late May than normal down in the valley of the outdoor concrete fry-pan. It’ll be under 100 degrees all weekend.

  9. BrianC,

    Your contention is blatently and provably false.
    It is only 8.4 miles from the Phoenix Convention Center to the nearest In-n-Out.

  10. Mark @ #15,

    8.4 miles is correct in a straight line, but unless JS has a helicopter at his disposal ( possible, I suppose), the over-the-road shortest route to the Tempe In-n-Out is 10.5 miles..

    This is making me hungry and the nearest In-n-Out to me is 644.4 miles- on road ( the chopper is in the shop..)

  11. Weeping now, by the time it’s over I’ll be a world class weeper.

    Darn real world responsibilities. Can’t go to Phoenix for super happy fun times, can’t go to Wiscon to see MRK and others.

    My weekend will be spent with my family and friends in the Puget Sound area. Hmm, maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

  12. Unfortunately I’m not going to Phoenixcon. What are the chances of you hitting a con up here in the great white north, like say next years Ad Astra?

  13. No one evar wants to come to HI for a convention, at least not for what we can afford to cover* :(

    *2 coconuts and a beach towel, maybe a fresh fish dinner*

  14. I am grinning my best Dentrassi grin while I mix this here jynnan tonnyk. :D

    This is not a non-sequitur. :D

    My face is starting to hurt, seriously. :D

  15. Brian C,

    Odd, Google Maps keeps telling me it’s 8.4; still if John is without In-N-Out on this trip he has only himself to blame.

    Oh, and if John is still reading this, Phoenix Sky Harbor has one of the nicest art collections of any airport in the country. One of my frends is the head curator. If possible, take the time to look at the exhibits. (due to limited display space they rotate every month or two)

  16. Mark @22,

    I guess we should lock Google maps and MS Streets & Trips in a cage and let them work it out…

    Either way, JS is closer to burger nirvana than I am..

  17. It was beyond awesome meeting you today. Thank you so much for signing all my stuff. I’ll see you tomorrow for a couple of panels and RockBand!

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