Status Update: Sunday Morning

First, dig the bacon scarf, crocheted for me by this wonderful person and given to me after my panel yesterday. It’s notable for a) being very cool, and b) being something related to bacon which I do not already have, which as you might imagine is an increasingly rare thing. I am very proud of my new bacon scarf, as you can see.

The rest of my day also went well. My panel on me was fun; I read “Alternate History Search Results,” which is short and funny, which means as a reading it’s typically goes over well (as it did), and then opened the floor to questions. About two thirds of the way through my cell phone rang (oops), and it was Krissy, so I had the entire audience yell “Hello, Krissy!” because when you’re dumb enough to leave the phone on, you might as well roll with it. I also caught Wil and Felicia’s panel on The Guild, whose fourth season is imminent, and also a bit of the Star Trek: Next Generation reunion panel, with Wil, LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes.

Then in the evening I attended the Guest Banquet for the convention, where I briefly met Keir Dullea, most famous for 2001, and told him my favorite 2001 story, which involves Rock Hudson attending the movie at the Cinerama Dome in LA, getting up halfway through the film, shouting “Can someone tell me what this damn thing is about?” and storming out. And then came the big event of yesterday, the Geek Prom, which was all about the dancing. I got a Geek Prom picture with Felicia Day! SEE ZOMG BEST FRIENDS. I keep telling you. And finally a few moments in the bar, where among other things I instructed a nice young lady about the finer points of disposing of a dead body. Theoretically.

Today is actually my busiest of the con, with three panels, including, of course Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil, which you will forever regret not having been here for, unless you’re here, in which case you don’t have to regret it; just show up. And then after the panel, Wil and I have a signing, and then I can just relax and let my brain implode like a flan. Which I assure you it will. But I expect it will have been worth it. It’s been a hellaciously fun convention so far.

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  1. “Geek Prom, which was all about the dancing. I got a Geek Prom picture with Felicia Day! SEE ZOMG BEST FRIENDS. I keep telling you.”

    “And finally a few moments in the bar, where among other things I instructed a nice young lady about the finer points of disposing of a dead body. Theoretically.”

    Pictures – or we won’t believe you and I NEED a Whatever post based on that conversation.


  2. It seems like you’ve been ZOMG BEST FRIENDS forever. Shouldn’t you already have leveled up to ZOMG BFFs?

  3. Dearest John,

    Now that you and Felicia Day are ZOMG Best Friends Forever, could I ask you to ask her a question that would help settle a long-standing issue between me and my daughter?

    There’s this relatively recent cereal commercial — we think it was for Special K, but we don’t remember for sure — where there’s a woman eating the cereal, and a second woman who might be her roommate or something, who doesn’t have any lines, comes over and stands next to her at the very end of the commercial. This second woman looks a lot like Felicia Day. My daughter is convinced that it is Felicia Day, but I’m not as sure as I would think any advertiser would want Felicia Day to speak in a commercial or do something and harness her dedicated army of fandom.

    So could you ask her if she did indeed show up with no lines in a cereal commercial? And if it wasn’t her, let her know that she has a potential doppelganger? It’s not like you’re doing anything else very important over there, torturing Wil Wheaton and getting bacon scarves thrown at you. If you can settle it for us, I’ll try to get my friend Kevin to do a picture of you.

  4. Do I warn you that your bacon scarf is in the Sydney Swans colours (and that the Sydney Swans were a Melbourne AFL team who defected), or do I tell you what a perfect accoutrement it is and how you should definitely pack it for AussieCon in September?

  5. Never made it over to ComicCon this weekend. Thought I might have a few hours to drop in, but other stuff came up.

    (Saturday: helping out at the house of a friend-of-friends who will unexpectedly be staying elsewhere for an indefinite period.) (SWAT teams were involved. Yes, *sigh*, really.)

    (Sunday: Making roast oxtails and a peanut-butter-chocolate cake for one of our housemate’s birthday.) (Win-win: not only does she get a meal she enjoys, she makes bone jewelry on the side and get the oxtail bones to work with.)

    Hope to finally meet some other occasion, John.

  6. “Egads! Scazli and Stross are morphing into the same dude,” said the self-publishing SF writer.

    “Dude, they’ve been gliding on the wings of inspiration for the past ten years,” said the other self-published SF writer. “One of them on fumes. They were bound to crash into one another eventually.”

    “But this is . . . like . . . dopperganger kind of stuff, isnt it?”

    “SFWA is full of dopplegangers. Sheiit! Why do you think we haven’t been published yet?!”

    The first self-published winced as the lightbulb over his bald head went supernova. “Dopplegangers?! That’s all it takes to get signed with a publishing house! Really?!”

    “Well, that and a Mork for Ork t-shirt.”

  7. Thanks for coming to Phoenix! So sorry you had horrible travel on the way home.

    It was great to meet you! We greatly enjoyed your panels!

    -the astrophysicists who babbled about T-Tauri stars and Stargate: Universe

  8. That bacon scarf and the picture gives me an idea for the name and label of my new batch of homebrew bacon beer. Would it be possible to use the kitten pic on the label? There’d be some bacon beer in it for you, maybe a bacon beer cozy too. Yes, blatant bribery, but it’s for bacon…

  9. So John, I theoretically have a paisley-fashioned blanket for, you know, whatever undisclosed activities.
    – and a shovel
    – some nylon rope
    – a spare tire filled with sand, and so forth

    Thanks for the great tips, I mean conversation! It was a great pleasure!

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