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Summer Schedule + Upcoming Hiatus Announcement

Here’s the deal: Starting tomorrow I become President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and because what SFWA is doing on the board level doesn’t conveniently snip off when one board tenure ends and another begins, I and all the other new members of the board are jumping into the deep end […]

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Just Arrived, 6/29/10

Speaking of the “Just Arrived” feature, I am totally behind on it, because a) first I was traveling, b) then I was catching up on work from travel and then c) I got distracted by shiny bits of foil. So the next couple of days will constitute catching up. Here’s the first installment. * Ancestor, […]

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My Autographing Policy

I swear I already wrote something like this here, but I can’t seem to find it, so I’m doing one of those “write now for future reference” posts, spurred on by the fact that in the space of three days I’ve gotten, like, ten requests for autographed books, etc. My Autographing Policy Yes, I give […]

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Green Giveaway: Act Quickly! (UPDATE: All Gone Now)

Edit, 12:45pm: Well, that was quick. All copies are taken. Thanks! And now, a message from Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer: As many of you know, our pal Jay Lake has been undergoing cancer treatment. The great news is that he just finished his last chemo infusion session. As a small example of our fondness […]

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The Big Idea: Meg Gardiner

The American tradition of political paranoia isn’t new — just ask Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, circa 1800 — but that doesn’t mean the latest version of it can’t be annoying to those of us living through it. Meg Gardiner knows all about that feeling, as she explains in this Big Idea about The Liar’s […]

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Spontaneously Appearing Cake: A Poll

Went out yesterday to pick up the new chaise lounge for the office, and when I returned cake had spontaneously appeared at my door. How did it happen? You tell me! The one alternate explanation is that my friend and neighbor Alisha sent it over in appreciation for getting Adam Savage’s autograph for her at […]

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