Because the Fan Club Has Had Quite Enough of That “Patience” Nonsense

Ghlaghghee, staring heroically toward our glorious future, or, “Comrades! Wonderful news! The cat food ration has been increased to 20 grams!”

Now stay tuned for the Two Second Catfight, featuring Zeus.

9 Comments on “Because the Fan Club Has Had Quite Enough of That “Patience” Nonsense”

  1. Upon hearing that neutrinos have been discovered to have mass, Ghlaghghee purred, “Excellent. My plan is working.”

  2. O Great Scalzi, what a wonderful picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    That is, what a wonderful picture it was before you violated our directive about using Photoshop*.

    And didn’t we task Athena with taking the next image of Her? This is clearly not her work.

    Make the necessary corrections and you may yet receive the coveted Seal of Approval Award.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    * Note that you may use – indeed, are required to use – Photoshop to remove Anteater-Thing from all images using that nifty tool you were so proud of a while back.

  3. I hate to be picky…ok I don’t really hate it.
    But the lovely one does not actually look happy. She looks like she is staring at a scary image of Scalzi Orc and Wil (hot pants) Wheaton flying on a kitten who has apparently been through a 3 mile island bath.

    I think she’s frightened. We may need to report this as animal abuse. Just saying.

  4. My first thought when I saw the picture unveiled at Comicon was “Looks kind of like Lopsided Cat. Chang (not chang) might be upset that it’s not more like Ghlaghghee!! Then I thought “I’ve really been reading his site too long if I can recognize his cats…”

  5. You read my mind, Scalzi. Just this afternoon I was actually wondering when you would post pics of the cats again; that Chang=/=Chang must be getting antsy.

    Fabulous picture, though. She has breathtaking eyes.

  6. Was at Phoenix Comicon and was relating to the boyfriend the epic-ness of the unicorn-pegasus-kitty picture (and my own musings about whether I should try to enter the contest), which then turned into a recounting of the infamous bacon-stuck-to-cat (FOR SCIENCE!) story, which then led to me having to show him said picture (FOR SCIENCE!).

    His reply: “That’s a beautiful cat.” :)

  7. I presume that by “stay tuned” Ghlaghghee means “eat tuna in sufficient quantities at least three times a day”.

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