Revealing the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten + Sunday/Monday Recap

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to have been at Phoenix Comicon this last weekend, here’s the part of the Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil in which we unveil the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten painting. The whole bit will take about 20 minutes of your time.

First, a segment in which Wil and I give context for the UPK by recounting the creation and delivery of The Velvet Wesley:

And now, the segment in which we reveal the work and discuss a little about the contest and who is participating.

Fun stuff, and thanks to “locobravo” for filming it and posting it on YouTube.

As for my Sunday, well, you were just looking at the most awesome part of it, but the rest of it was pretty good as well. Both of my two other panels that day went off without a hitch, and of course Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil was, in fact, super, happy and fun. Once everything was done, I went and — yes — had dinner with friends, and then hung about in the bar with some of the staff and remaining guests in a very informal dead dog party.

Then came my Monday, which involved my flight from Phoenix to Dallas being canceled and thus me being rerouted into O’Hare and its inevitable Vortex of Memorial Day Suck, meaning a) my initial flight was delayed b) my connecting flight was canceled and c) if I hadn’t have rented a car to drive to Ohio, I would be getting home right about now, presuming, of course, that I wasn’t additionally delayed in some fashion, which I’m sure I would be. Of course, this is why I specified to the folks at the convention that I wanted to do everything possible to avoid O’Hare, and why I was booked to Dallas in the first place. But, silly me, I forgot you cannot escape your travel karma. I really must have sucked in a past life.

But my travel woes are neither here nor there as regards the Phoenix Comicon, which was frankly an awesome time and a great place to be a guest. The staff and attendees made me feel tremendously welcome, and I both got to spend time with old friends and the opportunity to make some new ones as well. So, really, a blast. It’s a con I’d love to come to again.

And now, because in some ways it should be completely inevitable that it had to happen, here’s me and Wil performing “Don’t Stop Believin'” on Rock Band. Oh, yes. You are not prepared.

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  1. Hey! When I loaded your blog this morning in my iPad, I was pleasantly surprised to see my videos here! Glad you enjoyed them. It was an epic time filming your performance. I’m sooo glad I made it.

  2. You know, I never read your blog until two weeks ago when my good friend Lorien pointed you out to me, and that was before I even realized Comicon was was happening (yeah, I know I’m detached) here in Phoenix. I found out the day it opened and had my friend pick up a pass for myself and my wife. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been to a Con. Anyway, I just wanted to say it was a stroke of genius, the contest that is. I hope you get mountains of entries, so much so that you will have to digitally swim out of to catch your breath.

  3. John, I dont think I realized how much you and my brother Joe look alike until seeing this video and having played RockBand with the sib this past weekend. we did a more Aerosmith themed event (and gor FSMs sakes, do not ask what happened during Wii bowling) but it was the most fun I have had with him since accidently kicking the ladder down in the barn with us up in the loft and having to repel down the wall from the window. (he would probably say “since I accidently socked Laura in the mouth and broke her tooth while we were repelling down the barn”)

    Its nice to see one’s siblings grow into friends as we age gracefully. You and Wil seem to be brothers in this same way, that you enjoy each other’s company and play wicked tricks on each other.

    Joe agreed to give the family toast at my wedding this fall, so I live in fear for the next 123 days at what he will come up with. the trick is, it will be funny and will probably make me cry. So next time you and the Wil are together, raise a glass to chosen family and enjoy how nice it is.

  4. Wil was concentrating so hard. You almost threw him off at one point. This should be called “John’s Amazing Sing-along Blog”. That was great.

  5. After all the teasers and now recaps, I’m starting to have mild regret for missing the PHX con.
    Are there any Scalzi/ Wheaton events in the foreseeable future? The could be motivation to cash in some frequent flyer points..

  6. John,

    Thanks for that. No ticket, so I’m out of luck…
    I’ll keep a lookout for any future opportunities.

  7. Well now you already have an awesome picture, so my offer is no good. But if you ever do get the chance to ask Felicia Day (ZOMG your best friend forever,) that question I was asking (see Sunday con update,) I’d be very grateful and would try not to take comment threads off topic.

  8. Having watched the Rock Band performance, all I can say is:
    That is gobsmackingly beautiful.

    Thank you both!

  9. You guys crack me up. The singing (I shall forever know you as Mr. Diva) and the fan fic ordeal. Fantastic.

    Writers pull the best pranks on one another…

  10. Seeing video of Super Happy Fun Time makes me regret not following through on my whim to fly to Phoenix.

  11. Also watch locobravo’s video of Lavar Burton singing. The look on Wil Wheaton’s face is priceless.

  12. OMG! Thank you for using my YouTube footage of RockBand! My view counter is going crazy thanks to your links :)

    I just wish I could have got it all in one take…damn memory card!

  13. *wishes I went Friday night to filmmmm….
    I missed so much fun! Damn house work!

  14. It was so great meeting you on Sunday! Thanks for posting these videos, it reminds me just how awesome Super Happy Fun Time was!

  15. The Velvet Wesley

    Take a lowball glass.
    1/4 shot Triple Sec
    2/3 shot Coffee Liquer
    1/4 shot Irish cream.
    Fill to the top with Chocolate Stout. Stir gently.

    I haven’t made it, so it may taste totally vile.

    You’re on your own for the sexual position….

  16. John,

    How about selling prints of the amazing art signed by Jeff, Wil, John and the Kitten. That might bring in a few gold rocks for Lupus Alliance of America.

  17. It sounded like the audience was having a good time. You guys put on a great show. And I like your shirt.

  18. The Velvet Wesley and Flying unicorn kitty videos made my morning. Thanks Wil !

  19. Hey John,

    It was awesome! You guys rocked! Unfortunately, the only video I have is from behind the stage, so I’m glad someone captured the awesomeness from the front.

    It was great to meet you and your bacon scarf! Here’s to next year!

  20. Yes, I should’ve known better. It is worth noting that as glad as I am that the whole thing with the painting worked out, I still feel a twinge of guilt over my participation in the “anonymous” portion of passing Wil’s address along.

    All’s well that ends well?

  21. This was my first ComiCon. I had so much fun at Super Happy Fun Time With John and Wil. Everything was great. Thank you for making my first experience unforgettable.