Why, Yes, I DO Look Insufferably Smug Here, Don’t I

Me and the fabulous Felicia Day having our picture taken at Geek Prom. She looks lovely, of course. I look like a prom dance chaperone. We were joking about how I needed to go around and tell people they needed “eight fingers of sunlight” between them and their partner. I did not. Well, maybe once. But they asked me to.

As amusing as this picture is, it has nothing on this photo of Wil and Felicia. Wil looks delightfully trapped. And he was! We made him dance.

It’s a reminder that I do have a fun life, from time to time. It’s nice to be reminded of that when I’m neck-deep in deadlines. Which is happening all too soon, I’m afraid.

I’ll also just add that in all seriousness, it was a genuine delight to meet Felicia, who is smart and funny and a great dancer, and just altogether nice to be around. If you’re not watching The Guild, which Felicia created, writes and stars in, you’re just plain silly.

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  1. Smug? You look like you sneaked up to touch her on a dare. Now run away! Did you dance with each other at arm’s length and count steps aloud, too? XD

  2. You can tell Felicia is more at home in front of the camera. I’m sure that smile contributes to global warming.

    In the other photo Wil’s expression looks like he’s saying, “I did?” (As a follow-up to “Why did I just wake up in a Vegas wedding chapel?”)

    It sounds like you kids had a great time.

  3. Any chance of a guest appearance from Felicia Day on Stargate Universe? I’m sure it would leave more than a few of us geeks squeeing with delight.

  4. It’s the Age of the Geek and there’s video proof!

    Eddie S, thanks for posting that video. I’m laughing so hard.

  5. ‘s what we love about you Scalzi, you are always redefining “Peak Awesome”

  6. I totally love the Pacman + Mrs. Pacman at the top of the arch. They look so dejected.

  7. I can only see two scenarios:

    1. Krissy has an amazing sense of humor.

    2. You are in deep Kimchi…

    I’m jealous either way…

  8. Don’t you just hate it when intelligent, talented people are also incredibly attractive?

    There Ain’t No Justice!!

  9. Why no, Rick @15, I’m quite used to myself by now. ;)

    Seriously though – why does Wheaton’s shirt have chickens on it?

  10. Brian C:

    It’s actually hard to state my wife’s complete lack of jealousy, probably because she knows how silly in love I am with her.

  11. If you’re going to play “shop teacher chaperon” you have got to wear a bow tie in the part.

  12. HAH! I love stuff like that.

    A couple gooning it up like that is just so playful that you can tell everything is still good, and likely will stay good.

  13. Crap, I just looked at you being a goon and her laughing, didn’t realize It wasn’t your wife.

    Don’t hunt down my adress please.

  14. I knew I hated you but now you have taken it too far. Dancing with Ms. Day before I have even met her. This will no t be tolerated.

    I will now have to slam you in my blog (which will do no harm what so ever).

    I am sad now and will go sulk in a corner.

  15. Well, there goes my wholly inaccurate belief that you’re some kind of hulking behemoth.

    On the upside, if you make it to Dragon*Con, this increases the chances of a ridiculous photo opp of you being carried off by rabid fa— complete stra— umm….


  16. @cmm:

    yeah but what’s your Erdős–Bacon number?

    (also, since this meeting is not a film appearance, I don’t think it counts as a Bacon connection).

  17. Are you actually that short, or is she standing on a platform or something?

    Because I’ve seen her running around at PAX and she’s as tiny as my 4’11” sister.

  18. I’m about 5′ 8″ and leaning over a tiny bit. Felicia is wearing some amazing heels in that picture. And she’s otherwise not 4’11”, despite rumor.

  19. Erdős–Bacon number

    Is there such a thing as an Erdős-Bacon number? I may have a relatively low one myself, having dated both mathematicians and actors. OH WELL EDITING THAT NOVEL WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR A WHILE UNTIL I FIND OUT WHO HAS THE LOWEST ERDOS-BACON NUMBER EVER.

  20. Also, those of you who are all “Oo, has Krissy seen this” are not getting that those of us who are goddesses with uxorious husbands are delighted when we see said uxorious husband hanging out with other goddesses and having a nice time. We goddesses have each other’s backs!

  21. I don’t know about Stargate, but at the Jaime Paglia panel on Sunday, Wil and Jaime did talk about the possibility of Felicia being on Eureka, possibly in the same episode with Wil later in the season….

  22. Felicia Day is a goddess and I have quite the crush on her – my wife is amazingly tolerant.

    Clever, pretty, acts, writes, directs, sings – hell she even plays the violin I believe!

    Normally I hate over acheivers but in her case it’s just not possible.

  23. When I first saw this I wondered, who is this rapscallion who dare be cheeky enough to have his pic taken from the “cheating spoon” position… oh, it IS John… right then… moving on…

    Well done, man, well done!

  24. The Guild is a great web series and I can definitely say Felicia Day is hot… and I am a straight woman. (At least I think I am!)

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