Good Luck, Paul Cornell And Pulse!

The pilot for my friend Paul Cornell’s television show Pulse goes up tonight on BBC 3 at 9pm (in the UK), and so if you happen to be in a place where you can see BBC 3, do him (and yourself!) a favor and catch it. I happen to have seen this particular episode (a little birdie sent along a preview DVD), and it’s squee-licious; I can guarantee that if you’re a fan of X-Files/Fringe-style shows, you’re going to eat this one up as well. Among other things, the opening sequence encapsulates just about everyone’s most horrifying fear during major surgery. Whee!

And now, a small request from Paul Cornell, from his own blog:

If you see the pilot tonight and enjoy it, please make sure to leave a comment on either the BBC 3 Blog or at their Facebook site. The bigger the response, the more chance we’ve got of going to series.

You heard the man. You know what to do. Best of luck to him and to the series. I would definitely be up for seeing more of this.

17 Comments on “Good Luck, Paul Cornell And <i>Pulse!</i>”

  1. Not having a Tee Vee, is there a legal way for me to get this show? If it streams somewhere on a schedule mostly in line with BBC3, I’ll watch it there.

  2. That was very good. It was a bit weird having watched Claire Foy only yesterday in Terry Pratchett’s “Going Postal” as Miss Dearheart. A very different part.

  3. I really hope this goes to series! Love Cornell’s work & am really curious about this show! Glad to hear what you have to say about it. Come on, UK! Get it a series so we can see it on this side of The Pond sometime! :)

  4. It was quite good for brit tv it is online. It has a bit of a problem with the hospital setting as too many british actors think they can get away with awful soapy lines.

    If they can get rid of the ‘soap’ hospital aspect then it might be good.

  5. Dear Britain:

    While I wouldn’t be happy if you reconquered your former colonies and put us back under the Crown, I would have no problem if you conquered our SF television programming, especially after the bullshit handwaving ending to “Lost.” Please send us “Pulse” as soon as possible.

    Love and kisses,

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I love Paul Cornell’s work and am due to have major surgery soon, so it sounds perfect!

  7. Purple0limar@3:

    Why? I thought BBC America did show the original pilot of ‘Being Human’ but I’m open to correction.

  8. @Lilacsigil – if you are just about to have major surgery you might want to put watching it off until after you’re out of hospital…

    It is a great show, though, (I was lucky enought to see a preview) & I’m really hoping it gets picked up for a series. (It is one of three pilots made for BBC3, only one of which will get a series)

  9. I spotted this too late, but the good news is that it will be repeated on BBC3 at 22:30 tomorrow (June 8th).

    Can’t wait!

  10. I finally got round to watching Pulse via the Iplayer, and I’m very glad that I wasn’t eating whilst watching it, nor am I due for an op in the near future :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed it (even if it did make me feel a little queasy in places), hopefully it’ll do well enough for a series (I think Being Human got a series the same way).

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