The Enduring Power of Bacon Cat

Via Lissa Angeline, I discover this very amusing inside joke from the ThinkGeek printed catalog, in their ad copy for Baconnaise:

If for some inexplicable reason you have no idea why this is so funny, go here.

I would like to state for the record that as much as I like and admire the fine folks at ThinkGeek, which is in itself one of my favorite online retailers in the history of ever, I cannot in good conscience recommend spreading Bacconaise or indeed any mayo-derived substance onto one’s cat. I think doing so could only end in tears for you, for the cat, and for your upholstery. No one wins when you Baconnaise your cat. Thank you, this ends today’s public service message.

Get your own ThinkGeek printed catalog right here. Yes, here! Or view it online (note: big download). No, I’m not getting paid by ThinkGeek. I just like ’em.

23 Comments on “The Enduring Power of Bacon Cat”

  1. I got a Think Geek printed catalog in the mail this week. Utterly unexpected it was.

    Possibly because I ordered the “oh so geeky” Periodic Table of the Elements Shower Curtain a couple weeks ago.

  2. The key is to have a dog in the house, as well. Then, at least, the cat won’t stay Baconnaised for very long.

  3. Just received the catalog the other day. While looking through it, I saw that. I thought of you first. I love the label too.

  4. @11: I want the poster when it gets auctioned off. It would go in my cube to further confuse my management.

  5. What I find incredible is that everything sold by the makers of Baconnaise is certified Kosher.

  6. Yeah, thinkgeek is great, got a Pacman sweatshirt which is great for a student of IT ;) Still, being in germany and so on, it kind of sucks. thinkgeek charged about 40$ for the sweatshirt, 30$ for sending it to germany, and then another 30€ (which was, at that time, about 35-40$) for really delivering it. Sure, it was here pretty fast, but heck, nearly 70$ just for deliverance? might have been cheaper if I had printed the thing myself…

  7. If I recall correctly, Jon Stewart described the taste of Baconnaise as “like my tongue took a s**t in my mouth.” I love ThinkGeek too, but I have to admit I’ve sometimes found the quality of products they sell to be lacking.

  8. “What I find incredible is that everything sold by the makers of Baconnaise is certified Kosher.”

    That’d be because there ain’t no actual bacon, nor bacon derivatives, in Baconnaise, rendering the entire discussion here moot.

  9. Au contraire. Kodi wins when you put bacon flavored sandwich spread on the cat. But does anyone think of Kodi? No. It is completely cruel and unfair that you do not put any kind of flavoring or spread on the cat, although the raw bacon was a good start.

  10. A local Boston foodie just mentioned “bacon apple maple glazed donuts”…which sounds a lot like one-stop breakfast shopping. They sounded very Scalzi.

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