Jeanne Robinson

Many folks who read science fiction already know that Jeanne Robinson, noted dancer and choreographer, wife of Spider Robinson and a Hugo and Nebula-winning author (with Spider, for the novella Stardance), passed away earlier this week. This is a sad moment for all of us who knew her in some way, because there are few nicer and more genuinely kind human beings than Jeanne. I had the good fortune to meet her and Spider a few years ago at a book fair in Oakland, and have seen them both other times and places since. Beyond their ample qualities as individuals, I always noted how happy they were together — theirs was a partnership to admire, celebrate and to emulate.

My heart goes out to Spider and to all of Jeanne’s family and friends, but I know that their grief is tempered by the joy that Jeanne had for life, in her life. For my part, I’m glad to have been able to spend a little time with her here, and will remember her.

Oh, Joy, More Travel

You know, I like being the places I am going. It’s the going there that wears on me. And today is a “going there” day, “there” first being Connecticut to attend the wedding of a dear friend, followed by Minneapolis, where as you all know, I’ll be performing at w00tstock, along with Paul & Storm, Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton and a bunch of other deeply cool/geeky people. For those of you coming to w00tstock, I’ve been writing you something new, so when you hear me perform it, you will be the first people in the entire universe who will have done so. You’re welcome.

Anyway. Additional Whatever postings today and through the weekend dependent on Internet access and travel karma, although you should be able to follow any whining and kvetching through the Twitter feed. Stay out of trouble, okay? I don’t want to have to come back there and turn this Internet around.