Oh, Joy, More Travel

You know, I like being the places I am going. It’s the going there that wears on me. And today is a “going there” day, “there” first being Connecticut to attend the wedding of a dear friend, followed by Minneapolis, where as you all know, I’ll be performing at w00tstock, along with Paul & Storm, Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton and a bunch of other deeply cool/geeky people. For those of you coming to w00tstock, I’ve been writing you something new, so when you hear me perform it, you will be the first people in the entire universe who will have done so. You’re welcome.

Anyway. Additional Whatever postings today and through the weekend dependent on Internet access and travel karma, although you should be able to follow any whining and kvetching through the Twitter feed. Stay out of trouble, okay? I don’t want to have to come back there and turn this Internet around.

15 Comments on “Oh, Joy, More Travel”

  1. Sweet.

    I’ve got my tickets and I’m looking forward to introducing my wife to the world of geeks. I don’t think she’s too frightened. *insert maniacal laughter here*

    Oh, John – if you see someone in a VP 13 shirt, that’s probably me waiting to say hello or something.

  2. And much to John’s horror, the Homeland Security alert level drops to blue as, dude, it’s summer, and all the terrorists are on vacation this month. John is mobbed by Hari Krishnas, who have been itching to return to the airport for almost twenty years now, and they will not be denied.

    “Oh, yes, Bacon Man. You WILL buy a flower. And you will like it.”

  3. Now I’m even more excited about Wootstock! I do have concerns though regarding my lack of actual geekness. I mean I like your work, Wil’s work, Mythbusters and MST3K, but I’m not really all that immersed in actual “Geek Culture”. Still, with lineup that is participating, I’m sure I’ll have an excellent time!

  4. John, will your travels be taking you to the Pacific Northwest this year… perhaps for the PNWA Conference in July?

  5. Matt@2

    I will also be bringing my wife for a dip into the ocean of geek. She’s cautiously optimistic about having a good time. So, John, the pressure is on!

    I know _I’ll_ have a good time. Looking forward to seeing you all!

  6. I got my liscenes three years ago. You know, if your looking to hire a private pilot on ocassion. :)

  7. I’m one of those old foggies who think that the first Minneapolis Guthrie was cooler. The new one is undoubtedly better to work in, but it feels too “industrial”.

  8. As if I weren’t excited enough… now there will be newness?!?

    I also loved the old Guthrie, haven’t seen the new one yet. Seems like it’d be hard to live up to the old one, because it rocked so very much. One of the highlights of my senior year of high school was getting to go on a behind the scenes tour and stand on the stage there. Such a cool theatre.

  9. As I sit here in the Austin Airport reading this, I can’t help feel a little sympathy……

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