Saturday Update

I’m here deep in the heart of Yuppie Connecticut, seeing the upper class in its natural habitat, and getting ready for the wedding of one of my dearest friends to her beloved. It’s a nice day — a little humid, but hey, it’s summer by the sea. This is my note to you that I’m still alive but have no intention of spending any further time near a computer today. You kids have fun. I’ll drop you a note tomorrow.

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  1. My parents are also in Yuppie Connecticut today, but for a bar mitzvah. Have fun. More fun than my parents are having, anyway.

  2. Hey, we’re not all yuppies here in Connecticut, and neither are we all upper class. You must be in Fairfield or Litchfield County (where I grew up, and hated); you should visit the northeast part of the state, which is much more rural and would remind you more of your home turf (I live in Manchester).

  3. My nieces and nephews live in Hartford, all working in the insurance industry.

  4. Is CT Yuppy in general, or are you speaking of some particular area in it? The one person (I think) I know who lives in that area — Geri Sullivan — seems to be working hard/struggling to make the grade.

    My impression is that there are Yuppy enclaves almost everywhere — even in Texas, Nebraska, and (*ghasp*) Oklahoma. With some trend towards Yduppyness — Young, downwardly-mobile professionals — now that the U.S. is, in general, no longer an upwardly-mobile society/economy and this upper-middle-class group is being hit hard as an increasing amount of the national wealth is being concentrated in the Upper-upper Class.

  5. Fairfield County is considered ‘yuppie’, but New Canaan, Greenwich, and Darien are ‘yuppier’ (if that’s a word) than Stamford.

  6. To know that of which Scalzi speaks:

    Most largish towns have an “auto alley”: car dealerships one after another, Ford, VW, Chevy, Toyota, etc.

    In Greenwich, the equivalent stretch of commercial space starts at the downmarket end with BMW, and rises through Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini to Rolls/Bentley.

  7. Fairfield County is a de facto New York City suburb. The rest of us who live outside of it roll our eyes when people consider it typical Connecticut, but not as much as we roll our eyes at the smug, privileged bastards who live on the “Gold Coast.” Like everyone else, I assume that’s where you mean by “Yuppie Connecticut.”

    I live the central part of the state in Vernon, and I can walk to a Walgreens or drive 3 minutes to a state park. I have general retail sprawl a half mile west of my condo, and a quarter mile to the east, I have woods and coyotes. That’s more typical of the state.

  8. Aww shucks. I LIVE in Yuppie CT. I would have loved to have taken ya out on the totally not-exciting-in-the-least-bit town! :) Hope you had a nice time at the Wedding!

  9. Enjoyed meeting you! We were thoroughly entertained with the phluphy and daughter stories. Hope your dear friend and my dear relative have the lifetime of happiness together they both deserve.
    It was good to hear the synopsis of your career, but the details were better on Wikipedia.
    Only nominee indeed…

  10. Well, Danbury and Bethel certainly aren’t Yuppie CT. Nor is Bridgeport. We’re just middle class people.

    You can bash the rest of the county though. It’s the Gold Coast that gives the rest of the state the stereotypes that people think of when Connecticut comes to mind.

    There certainly weren’t any yuppies at the Fates Warning concert in Hartford Friday night. ;)

  11. I love it that you “check in” with your blog readers if you’re going to be away from the internet. I have this mental image of you getting a buried underneath a barrage of emails from verklempt little old internet-ladies.

    “What, a note is too much to ask? You could’ve been dead in a ditch!”


    This makes me giggle.

  12. My partner and I are engaged in a many-weekends-long effort to extract her dear mother from the horribly snooty environs of Ridgefield, CT and move her to our classless utopia [ha ha] in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts.

    I admit there are some nice people in Ridgefield, but mostly the place makes my skin crawl.

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