Up in the Air

More travel today, and w00tstock tomorrow. Whilst I am a tube 36,000 feet up in the sky, it may amuse you to read this account by Stargate Universe writer/producer Joe Mallozzi about what it’s like when I work with him on an episode he’s written.

I might check in later, but in case I don’t, see you Monday.

12 Comments on “Up in the Air”

  1. sorry if you’ve been told this a billion times already but you are down as a contributor at http://abooksblog.com/ and the other bloggers where unaware their posts were being reproduced in full without links thought you might not be aware either. Seems an increasingly popular alternative to actually doing the work sadly.

  2. Well, that was really quite [redacted]! I found myself [redacted] so hard I [redacted]; thanks for [redacted] this [redacted], you [redacted] [redacted].

    In the meantime, hope your time in Connecticut went well, your flight is unremarkable, and your stay at w00tstock loads o’ fun.

  3. Ah, I see you are embracing the first rule of AirZen, probably in order to reverse your travel karma, or maybe steal that of Wil Wheaton.
    That rule of course is to Become your airplane. Become a tube. At 36 000 feet, you are one with the fuselage.

  4. As long as you’re not a tuber…

    I am the eggplant,
    I am the eggplant,
    I am the tuber,

  5. Many share your frustration regarding the lack of space dolphins. They really got to open their minds and imaginations otherwise they [redacted]. As you can imagine, they should not chooose the option of [redacted].

    By the way, where are the space cats? Space cats woud [redacted] any enemies Destiny encounters.

  6. I dunno, leaving out [redacted] because [redacted] can’t [redacted] without [redacted] coming into play, and relying on the [redacted] to [redacted] is just a deus ex machina ending, really.

    And since when does a Stargate show care if another show has done something first?! That’s the basis of every Stargate show ever, pretty much, and it worked!

    And it wasn’t Battlestar who did a space dolphin episode, it was Dr Who who did a space _whale_ episode (so not kidding).

  7. So, [redacted] Destiny [redacted] space dolphins [redacted] dial [redacted] Carter.

  8. I’ve always assumed that Space Dolphins were deep in the bowels of Destiny, deftly manipulating everyone and laughing ultrasonically. After all, dolphins blow air rings, and it’s only a short leap from that to using them to transport through space and time.

  9. And here I thought that “bias against space dolphins” was a shout-out to Startide Rising by David Brin.

  10. Speaking of SGU… not sure if it was intentional or not, if it was, brilliant… but Eli wearing a “You Are Here,” t-shirt while being lost on the ship, nice touch there.

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