Reminder: METAtropolis Contests Final Day

Hey kids, remember that we’re running five different contests to give away copies of the Tor edition of METAtropolis, which officially comes out tomorrow. You have the rest of the day to get your entries in, and then we’ll announce winners.

My contest is here, and here are the contests of the other METAtropolis writers:

Elizabeth Bear

Tobias Buckell

Jay Lake

Karl Schroeder

My own contest is pretty crowded up at this point, so check out the other contests and participate in them as well. Remember that you can enter each of the contests, so you don’t have to pick and choose — enter them all! When your shiny new copy of the Tor edition of METAtropolis shows up in the mail to the envy of your friends and neighbors, you’ll be glad you did.

1 Comments on “Reminder: METAtropolis Contests Final Day”

  1. I know the oil/haiku contest is over and I can’t win or anything but I wanted to send this anyhow:

    What you’re expecting
    is always the very thing
    that will not happen