Still Reading Haiku

Harder to choose than I thought. Winners tomorrow.

On When I’ll Announce My METAtropolis Contest Winner

In short: When I get home and have a bit of time to depressurize and see family. So expect it in the evening, basically. I will say that you guys aren’t making the awarding easy — there are a lot of good haikus in there, of all sorts.

Appallingly Early Tuesday Update

Or, alternately, appallingly late Monday update. The gist of it is: Minneapolis w00tstock went smashingly, and I had fun doing my own shtick (which I assume will pop up on YouTube sometime soon) and then assisting Kevin Murphy by being part of the chorus for a song, and then finally being the decoy for the set closer just before the w00ters brought Neil Gaiman up to the stage. After w00tstock, spend a nice amount of time depressurizing in the hotel bar with cast and crew. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it, but at the moment I’m amazingly tired and what I need to do is collapse for a few hours of sleep before I head off to the airport to go home. So off I go, and I’ll update later in the day, when I’m home again. Catch up with you then.