Appallingly Early Tuesday Update

Or, alternately, appallingly late Monday update. The gist of it is: Minneapolis w00tstock went smashingly, and I had fun doing my own shtick (which I assume will pop up on YouTube sometime soon) and then assisting Kevin Murphy by being part of the chorus for a song, and then finally being the decoy for the set closer just before the w00ters brought Neil Gaiman up to the stage. After w00tstock, spend a nice amount of time depressurizing in the hotel bar with cast and crew. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it, but at the moment I’m amazingly tired and what I need to do is collapse for a few hours of sleep before I head off to the airport to go home. So off I go, and I’ll update later in the day, when I’m home again. Catch up with you then.

9 Comments on “Appallingly Early Tuesday Update”

  1. Can’t sleep… w00t will eat me… can’t sleep… w00t will eat me…

  2. Wow- my wife and I had a blast at the show! She admitted she almost lost her breath laughing so hard at the extended setup for the last song.

    I can’t even begin to outline all the awesome that happened last night- thanks to you and everyone for a vastly entertaining evening.

    I will now refrain from spending my day trying to come up with ” ‘_____’ is my ‘______’ tribute band” comebacks, nor will I be Mr. Bungle at lunch.

  3. Scalzi, I think you were the most enthusiastic dancer of everyone singing “A National Anthem”. What a great night that was! What an amazing collection of talent. Between this and the Conan tour, I wonder if vaudeville shows are coming back.

  4. Mr. Scalzi, you were hilarious. I really enjoyed your piece, and my dude, whom I rather dragged along saying “John SCALZI is going to be there,” also laughed uproariously.

  5. W00tstock mpls was great. The only issue I had with it was you weren’t on stage enough. Maybe next time!

  6. I had an awesome time at w00tstock last night but boy am I glad my boss is out of the office today.

    Great piece, John–it was a lot of fun, much like the rest of the evening!

    I’m shocked I didn’t explode into fangirl confetti with all of you and “surprise” guest Neil Gaiman on the stage all at the same time.

  7. Just chiming in to say I also had an amazing time. Ya’ll could have gone even longer and it would have been fine with me! It certainly didn’t seem like it was five hours.

    I was going to say I was the sock knitter, but apparently there was at least one other knitter there so I was the one with the copy of Zoe’s Tale (and my Reader) for signing purposes.

  8. John. I only went to w00tstock because you mentioned you were going to be there. THANK YOU. I and my non-Geek wife had the best 5 hours in a theater we have ever had. Thanks for signing my 1st ed of Old Man’s War. It now has a hallowed place in my collection.

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