On When I’ll Announce My METAtropolis Contest Winner

In short: When I get home and have a bit of time to depressurize and see family. So expect it in the evening, basically. I will say that you guys aren’t making the awarding easy — there are a lot of good haikus in there, of all sorts.

10 Comments on “On When I’ll Announce My METAtropolis Contest Winner”

  1. On journey’s return
    Difficult choices await,

    (yes, it is -horrible-. I like the Scalzi Haiku game)

  2. No worries, John. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

    (See how insincere that sounds? (grin))

  3. Dave – you could’ve stated it better in haiku:

    It is an honor
    To get a nomination
    Sounds insincere, eh?

    – Jeff

  4. Jeff@3: True, but I only commit verse in public if there’s payment involved. Fortunately I have that whole full-time job thing to fall back on, else I’d starve.

    John: Bumpy ride home? Looked like a line of rain occupied most of the airspace between Minneapolis and Dayton.

  5. Too late for the contest – spent the time riding the bike preparing for post oil – but here goes anyway:

    Making solar cells
    Refining uranium
    Takes a lot of oil

  6. Scalzi should write more,
    Break out the electrodes – wait!
    Cloning’s the answer.

  7. Ahahahaha! Way to express my impatience, Mr. Hodges. Anyone want to send out a search party for Mr. Scalzi??

  8. Oh, wait, I see his little ploy. He’s stringing us along us with promises of free books to keep us spamming the refresh button… to up his hit count! Well played Mr. Scalzi. Well played.

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