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Athena’s Pickle Juice Adventure

1. Athena idly wonders what, in fact, a shot of pickle juice might taste like: 2. Enabled Encouraged by her idiot loving father, our young adventurer soon has a shot glass filled with briny liquid. 3. Down the hatch. 4. Upon completion, Athena strikes a pose remarkably similar to that of Marion in Raiders of […]

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Sci-Fi Rides I’d Cruise In

The rather astounding amount of travel I’ve had recently has put me in a mind to think about cool rides from science fiction films, so for my FilmCritic.com column this week, I’ve written about which science fictional conveyances I’d like to use, and yes, a lumpy-alien-powered Huffy is one of them. Don’t look at me […]

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My METAtropolis “World Without Oil” Haiku Contest Winner

It is from Wendell Shank, because I giggle every time the image it provides pops up in my head: Mennonite cousins Laugh at my rookie attempts; I’m a buggy noob! In other news, “Buggy N00b” is the name of my next band. It will be all-acoustic, of course. And no, for oil-related reasons, we won’t […]

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The Big Idea: Stacia Kane

Sometimes a ghost is just a ghost — that is, a dead soul wandering about the world without having moved on, and occasionally breaking things or scaring people. But sometimes a ghost is something else entirely: evidence that the world has changed, and with it, the ground rules of how the world actually works. Stacia […]

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