Quick Fanfic Contest Update

Getting some e-mails from folks wondering about the state of the fanfic contest. The short answer is we’ve just topped a hundred submissions, which is pretty great, and soon the Jury of Awesomeness will do the first pass of reading to see what (so far) makes the cut into the second round.

HOWEVER, remember that you still have until the end of the month to get in your submission — we’re not making any final decisions until after everything is in. So if you were wondering if it’s too late to enter: Heck no it’s not. Here once again are the contest parameters; read them, love them, and then write up your story. 19 days is more than enough time to come up with something awesome. If you don’t enter, you will make Unicorn Pegasus Kitten cry. And do you really want to make Unicorn Pegasus Kitten cry? No. No you don’t. Trust me on this one.

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  1. My story is under construction. It has a beginning. It has an ending. I have 19 days to put the middle in. This should be fun.

    By the way, thanks for giving me an excuse to stretch those creative writing muscles that I haven’t used in ages. I didn’t think much (other than “that’s a really freaking cool picture”) when I first saw the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten and the Scalzorc, but the next day the story jumped into my head. It’s been trying to get out onto paper since then.

  2. My story is on the second draft. Just need to give it a once over and maybe make a third draft before I have someone read it. I need to make sure that it is pure concentrated awesome before I submit. I want to have both John and Wil either busting a gut laughing or running in terror; either works for me. :)

  3. I just sent over my submission a little over an hour ago.

    Now the long wait begins.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun with a short story before!

  4. Question: Is it possible to resubmit your submission? It occurred to me after I sent in my submission that I’d only told things from the Scalzorc’s point of view, and that doesn’t seem very fair to his opponent. And since I only used up about half of the word allotment, it would be nice to show the other side so people could make up their own minds instead of having to rely on the Orc’s biased perceptions.

    If it’s not possible (or if, more likely, my submission is already in the bitbucket), don’t worry, I’ll just tuck it away in my brain or Google Docs or somewhere.

  5. Hi John! This is off topic, wasn’t sure where else to write. I recently found out about your works, I just read the Old Man’s War novels (loved them!!!), and I’m about to start into The Android’s Dream (by recommendation of Joe Mallozzi). I had a couple questions…

    When someone uses skip tech do they actually move between universes?

    I seem to remember reading something about that in the 2nd or 3rd book but forgot the details or which chapter (perhaps it was in The Ghost Brigades).


    Will there be more books in the future based in the Old Man’s War universe?

    Thanks! :-)


  6. Over a hundred submissions already? So much for relying on the intrinsic laziness of people to skate through this one…

  7. I’m not clever or funny enough to enter this one– all that pops into my head is ‘Wow, that must have been one HECK of a holodeck misfire this time around…”

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while (originally found it via instapundit), and I FINALLY snagged a copy of Old Man’s War. I’m halfway through, and already trying to get all my friends and family to read it–

    You were originally described to me as “a new Heinlein.” Not so much–you’ve got a better sense of humor, more interesting characters, and seem to have a lot more fun. :)

    I’m adding you to my list of “Writers I’ll never be as good as…”

    Also — (still OT, feel free to delete)– Thanks for running the “Big Idea” pieces. You’ve got good taste in books and you’re a HUGE help for those days when I’m stuck staring at the library new arrivals shelf wondering what I ought to read next…)

    Thanks again for all the work you do !(books/blog/etc.)

  8. Sean D:

    When you know something is off-topic, then don’t write it in the topic thread. Also, what’s wrong with sending an e-mail? My contact information is easy to find, starting with the “Contact Information” page, the link for which is in the sidebar of every page of the site.

  9. Hey John… Well, “old habits die hard”… as in, Q&A over at Mallozzi’s blog, questions via comments. Anyway, email it is.

  10. Theres no crying in Unicorn Pegasus Kitten Combat? Really?

    This is what you tell me five pages into a six page story about an angst ridden unicorn Pegasus kitten. I had the emo soundtrack picked out and everything.

    I was pitching it to my friends as High School Musical meets The Hobbit (no, the animated one). But, gothy.

    Oh well. Rewrite.

  11. First draft done. 2,196 words, but no title. Tomorrow the rewriting and cutting begins!

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