Hugo Voters Packet is Expanding

The folks at AussieCon4 have just sent me a note to tell me that the Hugo Voters Packet, already packed to the gills with nominated works, has expanded to include additional nominated works as well as many of the previously added works in new formats that play nice with your eBook readers, and so on. All the additions and additional formats are right here for your persual, and to get access to the newly expanded packet, all you need to do is get a membership to AussieCon4, either of the attending or supporting variety. The supporting membership is just $50 US and allows you to vote for the Hugos as well (which indeed, is the whole point of the packet: to get you the nominated works so you can make an informed vote). People who previously got memberships are able to access the new material as well.

You have until July 31st to vote, which is still more than enough time to do a whole stack o’ reading. Get to it!

Two Weeks to Viable Paradise Application Deadline

A reminder to you aspiring writers of science fiction and fantasy: You have until the 30th of this month to get in your applications to Viable Paradise, the week-long science fiction and fantasy workshop that I teach at, along with Elizabeth Bear, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Steven Gould and Laura Mixon, and James Macdonald and Debra Doyle. It’s possible that there’s a better way for an aspiring sf/f writer to spend his or her first week in October, but to be truthful about it I’m hard-pressed to think what it might be. Plus, hey: Martha’s Vineyard in the fall. You’ll love it. Get those applications in and the best of luck to you.

The God Engines Available on Kindle; Other Electronic Formats Soon

The headline pretty much says it: TGE is available on the Kindle right now, and it will soon be available in other electronic formats as well. For those other electronic formats, it has to go through the various internal processes on each of the electronic vendors, as I understand it. But in a general sense, if you have an eBook reader, the authorized electronic version will be available, one way or another. The hardcover version is also still available for those of you who enjoy your books in physical form, and as noted by me and others numerous times before, this really is one handsome book by Subterranean Press. Enjoy!