From the “Hey, This is Nice” Bin

And it this: I and Whatever have been nominated for a British Fantasy Award this year in the non-fiction category. How cool is that? My thanks to the folks at the British Fantasy Society for the nod; it’s made my day.

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  1. Hey, aren’t you glad you have a big house? You can have a whole trophy room now.

  2. If you’re going to have your own trophy room, be sure to take a tip from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, and include life-size statues of all your friends and enemies.

  3. The Scalzi Fortress of Solitude…

    The mind whirrrsss at the possibilities…

  4. Congratulations.
    Wait a minute folks, he just finished a remodel on the Scalzi Office of Solitude. The Scalzi Fortress of Solitude will have to wait until somebody makes some movies from his books. Hint hint.

  5. Under The Dome is science fiction. It is not really fantasy. It was a fun book. I guess the fantasy award encompasses sci-fi also.

    one note, apparently Robert Jordan does not get any respect the elitist nomination committees. Brandon Sanderson should have been nominated atleast somewhere for The Gathering Storm. It went #1 on the NY Times bestseller list. It was also very good. I am not saying he should win, but it should atleast get a few nominations.

    end gripe and yeah I know John, you don’t want a gripe here.

    btw, Congratulations John. I am surprised you have not been nominated regularly. Your blog is very good.

  6. gwangungon @#4

    Including life-size statues of Scalzorc, Wil, and unipegkitty.

  7. If it’s a British Fantasy Award, shouldn’t it be in the “Wot, this is brilliant” bin?

  8. Love those Brits. Way ahead of the times they are.

    BTW if modeling the fortress after Superman you need robot servants to take your cape and make you tea. Then you will need an exotic animal menagerie (Unipegkitten = resident #1). Oh and also a miniature city in a bottle. That should do it. Now you have your Christmas list for this year.

  9. A miniature city in a bottle. Sounds perfect for Scalzi.

    I volunteer Puyallup, WA.

  10. John@11: “They’d know I was pandering if I did that.”

    So you’re just going to let them suspect you’re pandering? C’mon, man, go big or go home. This is no time to be shy.

  11. Congrats John!! I will cross my fingers and hope you win as it would be much deserved your commit to this blog is mind blowing!!

  12. Hm….

    bacon covered felines is his kryptonite?

    Or super power?

    I’m not sure which.

  13. Greg@20: John’s super power is obviously his ability to surround himself with smart, attractive women. His kryptonite is no doubt the same smart women, who would put a stop to any nefarious plans he may devise. Probably by laughing sweetly and smiling until he forgot what he was plotting.

  14. My congratulations!
    In other news, Mr Scalzi is nominated for the Kurd-Laßwitz-Award 2010 which is, well, the German imitation en miniature of the Nebula. ;)

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