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As constant — nay, fanatical — readers of this site, you’ll recall how yesterday was the 16th anniversary of me proposing marriage to Krissy. Well, today is the 17th anniversary of the two of us having our first date, which for the record, happened at El Presidente restaurant in Visalia, California, followed by dancing at […]

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Book Sequels and the Likelihoods Thereof

I’m getting a lot of questions about whether I’m going to write sequels to various books, so it’s time to create a standard document on the topic so that I can refer people to it rather than repeating myself over and over. So, here’s the current status of sequels/continuations for: The Old Man’s War series: […]

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The Failure Mode of Clever

So, apropos of nothing in particular, let’s say you wish to communicate privately with someone you’ve not communicated with privately before, for whatever reason you might have. And, wanting to stand out from the crowd, you decide to try to be clever about it, because, hey, you are a clever person, and as far as […]

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80s Science Fiction Films: Which Should Get the “Karate Kid” Treatment?

The remake of The Karate Kid made a whole bunch of money last weekend, so now every studio will be looking at 80s movies to reheat and remake. In my FilmCritic.com column, I offer up one science fiction film from every year of the parachute pants decade for their remaking consideration, and try to go […]

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