Hey, remember that thing I did last weekend? When I took the weekend off and had a life outside of the computer? Yeah? Okay, then: I’m gonna do it again. Like, now. See you Monday.

20 Comments on “Repeat”

  1. Since you *shouldn’t* be reading this until Monday… I hope you HAD a fabulous Father’s Day!
    A lovely weekend for all!

    Austin, TX

  2. Heh, celebrating that 15th wedding anniversary sure takes a lot more out of you than the 5th did, eh?

    Enjoy your weekend, boss.

  3. Dude, it’s OK, take the time off.
    I’m figuring the prior three posts will keep us going for the next few days…

    Joe Barton alone will keep the rants flowing for another 150 posts.

  4. One weekend is OK.

    Two weekends in a row is slightly disturbing, but I’ll get over it.

    If you do this again next weekend…that’s a habit…and will not be tolerated.

    Just so you understand.

  5. But what shall I do with all of this free time I have when I am not reading Whatever? Perhaps a good book is in order.

  6. Thanks for letting us know you were going to be away. However, if you did want to take two days off without telling us, I promise not to freak out and call the FBI until the third day.

  7. I really hope you have a wonderful weekend, but why didn’t you leave us a pimp thread? Then I could have told everyone about, well, that thing I want tell everyone about.

  8. Hugh57@16: John’s got books published with laser-shooting space ships on the cover. I think his geek cred is pretty much unassailable at this point.

  9. My weekend was sitting by a pool near Calistoga with The God Engines, The Sagan Diary and After The Coup on my Kindle. Good times.

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