And Now For Some Winsomely Winsome Music

Kat Edmonson, “Lucky”:

Because it fits my mood right now, that’s why. Her site also has a fairly nifty cover of “Just Like Heaven,” incidentally.

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  1. First a post on self Awareness today, and then a song with the lyrics, “life is just a dream…” I felt compelled to watch The Matrix with my boys. I asked my 11 year old how he knew what the truth of reality is. He said, ‘easy, mom….Heaven and Hell.’. My 12 year old wanted to know if there was a Matrix part 2. Lucky, lucky me.

  2. Withbutterflywings – Victoria, Australia – I've been on the Pagan path since I was 17. I started out as a witchling, but I realised that I wanted a more polytheist path.

    Awww… that animation is so cute!

  3. to Kathy E. @ 1. actually there are three parts if we are talking about “the matrix”

    I liked “be the change” as much, all the sheets and the people behind them touched me deep. Really a good one thanks John!

  4. Pit: Many people try to make their stay in the matrix more tolerable by telling themselves “There is no sequel.” :)

  5. Daryl Swinson – I'm a guy, mid forties, just graduated with a Masters in History from the University of Central arkansas, and, yeah, it's my fault. I want to be a writer, and not just any writer! I want to be a sci-fi/fantasy writer! This, by default, makes me odd, strange, weird...but in a good way, I think. I hope. I also want to be a lecturer at the college level somewhere. You know, the guy (or girl! I'm a reluctantly admitted feminist.) torturing the best and brightest of our least the ones willing to fork over the dough and sign up for my History course. I also got my Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems in 1999 from Arkansas Tech University. This makes me a Geek, I guess. I know that I am prone to random bouts of what I call TechnoLust. That is when you see something that just came out, or somebody else has and you want. No, not want...need! And, the sooner the better! because if you don't get it, you'll just die... Luckily, my bank knows this and regularly rejects all my drool sodden checks written to technology pushers like Best Buy or Egghead to be reapproved so I get a chance to shake the fever and rip them up. What sort of History am I interested in? Most of it, actually. But especially the military aspects, the cool stuff, with swords, shields, people sweating, bleeding, and dying for their cause/religion/nation/city/state! From the Greek Hoplite to the Roman Centurion, Byzantine Catafract horsemen and Welsh Longbowmen. Billy the Bastard, who invaded England in 1066 whenn he had a perfectly good Duchy in Normandy already. Napoleon and Wellington and those beautiful bastards they commanded. All the way up through the World wars and the Cold War and to our latest escapades about this blue marble we call Terra! I'm Also fascinated by the technology and engineering feats accomplished along the way. Roman aquaducts, water wheels, mills, bridges, fortifications, ships, all that cool stuff, too. because a war is no fun if you don't have toys! I come by this obsession/interest honestly, though...I was a soldier for 4 years and change back in the 80's for Uncle Sam, but I got better... Oh, and I read a lot. Several books a week, usually. Grad school makes you read fast, but I loved it and it never was an issue for me. So, I'll post on what books I've read lately. And things that annoy me or spark my interest. OR I think are cool. I am eclectic, so you never really know what you will find me yammering about in this magical place called syberspace!
    Daryl Swinson

    John, that was great, man! I’ll have to download her album. You seem to have a very eclectic taste in music. Have you ever heard Brian Setzer, of The stray Cats fame, and the Brian setzer Orchestra?

    Jump, Jive and Wail is one of their hits, it even became an Old Navy commercial, if I recall correctly!

  6. Kat is lovely and my husband and I were introduced to her music at a local jazz bar here in Austin (where she is from). She gets great musicians in her line up.

  7. Arrrgh. This song has now been sporadically appearing and running through my head at
    TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE TIMES over the last three days.

    Curse you John Scalzi, for inflicting this chunk of winsomeosity upon us, or me, at least…


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