I Totally Have a Deadline Today

So can’t play right now. See you all a bit later.

12 Comments on “I Totally Have a Deadline Today”

  1. Ah yes, “deadlines”.
    AKA “the reason I’m merging a Subversion code repository branch at home (for work) at ten minutes to midnight, and I just got home from work”

  2. Deadlines are important, so have fun with that.

    Speaking of deadlines, my wife got me a Nook for Father’s Day and, for a while, the pack-rat-wanna-collect-actual-books side of my brain wrestled with the ooooooooh-new-shiny-gadget side. My first eBook purchase was “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” because I just started reading this blog a few months ago and the sheer size of the archive confuses and frightens me. Also, in recent weeks I tore through the Old Man’s War series and Sheep and loved them, so count me as a new fan.

    What does that have to do with deadlines? Well, with a paper due *today* that was only half-written *yesterday*, I of course spent most of last night reading YHMWBG instead of finishing it.

    So, I finally buckled down and was up until 2:00a.m. writing about -ugh- *marketing*. Oh, well, sleep is for the weak. I will say that my marketing paper was probably 50% snarkier than it would have been had I not be immersed in Scalzi Sytle for the hours before finishing it. My professor does has a sense of humor, so I suspect it will help my grade, so thanks for that.

    Also, the nook is comfortable to read, the screen is terrific and I think I’m already converted. I guess the shiny-gadget side won.

  3. Hmmm…you know, George Orwell is managing to post to his blog despite the threat of immanent German invasion and you are abandoning us over a silly little “deadline”?

  4. Did everyone see todays Doonsbury? It’s a good one. Four plus decades and he’s still got it.

  5. well as I always say… if it wasn’t for procrastination I would have nothing to look forward to!! I do not enjoy deadlines but always find my self staring them down… they always win.

  6. So I picked up your writing book from my local branch of the Dayton public library today, and right inside is what appears to be either a signature or someone with a pen had a seizure. But there’s a little note that says “gift of author” on the blank page just before it, so I’m guessing signature.

    This is very cool of you to do. I am tempted to forget to return this now but I will contain myself.

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