Please Stand By

The good news is: Hit my deadline. Go me.

The bad news is: My morning is going to be taken up with the running of the daughter over to the doctor’s, because she is feeling poorly, which is sad thing and especially during summer vacation.

Be back a bit later with a new Big Idea piece and a visit from the cake fairies! And I know how you all love the cake fairies.

10 Comments on “Please Stand By”

  1. Weird coincidence: when I first tried the link to this article in the Twitter feed, it gave me “Something went wrong, please try again” which is pretty close to “Please stand by” so for a moment I thought it was intentional.

    And of course I second the “Feel better soon” for Athena.

  2. Feel better, Miss Scalzi!

    As for cake fairies, I’ll just watch, thank you. Last time I had cake I pigged out and injured several. In fact, I should probably make a discreet exit so’s not to offend them any further.

  3. (…aaaand, cmd-x’d my own wish for the patient to feel better fast. {But hold out for ice cream, Athena!})

  4. Feel better soon, Athena. Ice cream has wonderful restorative properties, especially with cake fairies!

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