I Have Houseguests!

And they’re under the impression that because they are actually physically here, I should pay attention to them. I know! What nerve. Nevertheless, I will oblige them, this one time. See you all tomorrow.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

7 replies on “I Have Houseguests!”

Kinky Friedman prefers the moniker “house-pests”. Ply them with espresso, and see what happens. A mystery might evolve. If you all head out for Chinese food, leave the cat in charge…

It’s just one excuse after another with you, Scalzi. “I’ve got a deadline.” “I’ve got houseguests.” “My kid is sick.” Whine, whine, WHINE! Where are your priorities, man? (Actually, right where they should be. Good on you.)

Look Scalzi, the Republicans already said that unemployed people don’t need unemployment insurance. They’re obviously lazy layabouts who are living off the dole.

It’s time we discussed this weekend thing. Guests, shmests. I mean, really, shouldn’t you be working seven days a week? This weekend stuff has to stop.

Or, are you trying to tell us that the Republicans haven’t killed weekends?


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