What We’re Doing With Our Saturday


Also, this:

In case you were wondering.

15 Comments on “What We’re Doing With Our Saturday”

  1. Oh, bubbles; I get it. At first glance I thought your houseguests were characters from a Miyazaki cartoon.

  2. Makes my haircut, purchase of a new microwave, and chicken vindaloo for lunch, cooked in said microwave, and followed, naturally, by lager, seem dull by comparison.

    I have evening plans, but they don’t involve bubbles. Sigh.

  3. I spent a while last weekend trying to get good bubble pictures and didn’t get anything even half so nice! Good job, Mr Scalzi!

  4. Good bubbles. I had one of those but one of the teenagers broke it. I must buy another one and keep it away from the teenager. Then the toddler can have some fun. I have a cat that loves to meow at the bubbles.

    You must have one of those ride-on lawnmowers, right? Tractor possibly? That’s a lot of acreage.

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