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Hay Bales: A Sunday Photo Essay

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The Android’s Dream Wins the Kurd Lasswitz Preis

This was a nice thing to have woken up to: The German translation of my novel The Android’s Dream has been awarded the Kurd Lasswitz Preis in the Best Foreign Novel category, a science fiction prize that is the German equivalent of the Nebula, in that it is voted on by science fiction professionals in that country. TAD had excellent company in the category, including Charlie Stross, Robert Charles Wilson, Jasper Fforde and Grant Naylor, so for the book to get the nod over such work pleases me. It’s good to have these folks as peers. And of course I’m delighted that TAD is getting such recognition; the book’s been overshadowed in the English-speaking world by the Old Man’s War series, so to have it come into its own in other places, and in Germany in particular, is very cool.

I would take a moment to note for special appreciation Bernhard Kempen, who worked as the translator for this novel and as well as (to date) all my other work in German. While it’s certainly true that I wrote the book, if the book had not been expertly translated, it would not have brought as much enjoyment to readers in German. So Mr. Kempen has my thanks for all his work on this and my other books.

And congratulations to the winners in the other categories!