I’ll Tell You For the Last Time

Just a reminder for those of you with literary bents:

1. You have just two days (er, after today) to get in your Unicorn Pegasus Kitten fanfic.

2. You also have the same amount of time to get in your applications to this year’s Viable Paradise workshop.

One suggestion: Do not use the first to apply for the second.

12 Comments on “I’ll Tell You For the Last Time”

  1. You do have to admit, if someone did manage to qualify for the second with their entry for the first, it’d probably be a pretty awesome entry.

  2. I was going with “Two birds; one stone.”

    My strategy is in ruins, now.

  3. Already submitted for the former, not going to submit for the latter due to lack of funds/time. Maybe next year, we’ll see.

  4. I hope you post basic overviews of the types of entries you receive. For instance, Aaron Williams (Nodwick) posted his entry, a baroque archetypes-at-the-end-of-the-universe story.

    Just a few of the outlying ones, maybe. I’d be interested to see if, maybe, somebody managed to fit the painting to a 1950s-era alien invasion story. (*I* certainly didn’t.)

  5. I’m currently working hard editing my friend Kasey’s submission. Being the red pen of doom is hard work.

  6. Mr. Scalzi,

    Will you consider posting some of the better stories that did not ultimately win here on Whatever? (with authors’ permission, of course)

  7. Lorien: I’ve been editing my own for the better part of a week, and after each time, the whole thing’s red. I’m finding it to be much harder work to pretend to be a writer than it is to keep hitting the delete key.

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