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Canadians! They’re Everywhere!

In my FilmCritic.com column this week, I get a jump on Canada Day by saluting some of the Canadians who have made science fiction film so darn ginchy for the last few decades. Yes! There are Canadians in science fiction film! Shame on you for not knowing. The column will correct that for you, and […]

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The Full-Time SF Novelist: Probably Not as Endangered as You Think

In e-mail, I’m asked if I have any comments about Robert J. Sawyer’s recent blog post, in which he worries that within a decade, it will be impossible to make a living solely as a science fiction novelist. As what follows here is comment on what’s written there, I suggest you click over and read […]

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Summer Schedule + Upcoming Hiatus Announcement

Here’s the deal: Starting tomorrow I become President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and because what SFWA is doing on the board level doesn’t conveniently snip off when one board tenure ends and another begins, I and all the other new members of the board are jumping into the deep end […]

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