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One Terrifying Way Being SFWA President is Changing My Life

On the advice of my Vice-President, who informs me that in the course of presidentiary activities I will likely need one, I have, for the first time in — what? Seven? Eight? — years, purchased a printer. Yes. I know. I’m as scared as you are. The good news is that printers are a lot […]

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The Big Idea: Amelia Beamer

We know a number of things about zombies, mostly involving their undead state, their willingness to consume brains, and their general monotone emotional nature. But could it be that we’re missing something fundamental about zombies and their nature — and what that fundamental thing about their nature can mean for their literary (undead) lives? Those […]

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Update on Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi Fan Fiction Contest

Here’s where things stand: 1. The deadline for getting a story in has passed and we received more than 350 submissions, which is pretty amazing. 2. The Jury of Awesomeness will now go through the entries and select the most awesome. 3. Probably in August, I (or the site editor, who will be here while […]

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An Entirely Sober Note to Begin MY REIGN OF TERROR My SFWA Presidency

First, a conversation between me and my daughter yesterday afternoon: Athena: So, at midnight, you become King of the Geeks. Me: No, sweetheart. I was democratically elected. I become President of the Geeks. And so it is, more or less: As of midnight, I began my tenure as President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy […]

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