Mary Robinette Kowal Sneaks You a Peek at Her Debut Novel

My friend and SFWA running mate (and now VP) Mary Robinette Kowal is getting some great reviews for her debut novel Shades of Milk and Honey (“the grace of Sense and Sensibility, a touch of classic fairy tale magic, and an action-packed ending” — Library Journal), and is getting ready for the novel’s debut on August 3rd. But why should you wait? You are special. Yes you are. And because you’re special, here: The first chapter of Shades, available for your perusal, right this very second, by way of the author herself. The link takes you to the html version of the chapter, but if you prefer, at the link .pdf and .epub versions await you, and your favorite eReader.

Enjoy, and if you enjoy, be sure to pick up a copy a month from now.

15 Comments on “Mary Robinette Kowal Sneaks You a Peek at Her Debut Novel”

  1. Looks like a nice on the regency novel.

    Unfortunately I noticed a jarring editing issue on p11 of the PDF:

    When Jane let her vision shift to the ether, so that the physical room faded from her view. The lingering remnants of glamour were far too bulky for the effect that Melody had been trying to attain.

    Either the “When” needs to go, or those sentences need to be linked by a comma.

  2. John… “sneaks a peek” not peak. And in typing that I almost typed ‘sneeks…’ Brains are tricksy things…

    Oh and thanks for the link – I’ve read a few of MRK’s short works and like them. Off to the link….

  3. This is simply charming. Looks like it will be a fun fantasy to read. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  4. “His only regret, for the estate was a fine one, was that it was entailed, and as he had only two daughters, his elder brother’s son stood next in line to inherit it.”

    What a delightful shout-out to good old fashioned property law. I’m in love.

  5. Just read the first chapter, and I’m now hooked. Another book to go on my, ‘must read next’ pile.

  6. It would, in fact, be unusual to have property go to an elder brothers’ son by fee tail to heirs male — entailed property would normally have ended up with the elder brother in the first place due to the general laws of primogeniture.

  7. Reminds me a little of Wrede’s and Stevermer’s little series that began with ‘Sorcery and Cecelia.’ I LOVED that series. Very cool – I will order a copy for the shop.

    Thanks for the heads up on Yet Another Excellent Prospect.

  8. I was able to con Mary out of an advanced copy. Should be on everyone’s must read list. Now I have to wait for the next one… maybe I can get her to let me peak early. Also, they just finished recording the audio, should be awesome.

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